December Sessions

December is proving a good time for wind and surf and there is more heading our way over the weekend –had an epic windsurf with Jake, Alex Morey who was kiting this week – we had the waves to ourselves;  to the left of the Club about 400 meters out perfect side shore and some [...]

Dream Day

The south westerly winds have been in real short supply on the south coast this summer. In fact since March there have only been 4 days that were ok. But then on Saturday 28thJuly the wind gods delivered some of the best conditions of the season! West Wittering beach was at last packed with windsurfers [...]

Summer Sea Breeze

It feels like we have had our summer season already. With six weeks of the heat wave, it’s now official that it is as hot as it was in 76. The beach has been rammed and is becoming hard to find a clear spot all the water too. The sea temperature at West Wittering is [...]

Windsurf Foiling at West Wittering

The 2XS® Team have been testing out the new Fanatic foil (130 litre Gecko and Fanatic flow H9 windsurf foil) at West Wittering beach this week. We had gusty light offshore winds of 14 to 20 knot winds and used a  5.3 Ezzy Taka 4 sail. The water conditions were super flat so it made it real easy to [...]

Jerrie Van De Kop Kite Clinic 

Kite pro legend Jerrie Van De Kop came to 2XS® West Wittering and ran a clinic over 2 days for some of the local riders and other kiters who come to West Wittering. The wind arrived Friday, full on for the day, while on Saturday we had just enough for half the morning. Jerrie who rides [...]

The Beast from the East

The big SNOW event and Storm Emma didn't quite make it down to West Wittering but we did have a little sprinkling of snow on the beach. Temperatures very cold though, and the sea temp reached 1.8 degrees, with the water behind East Head at Snowhill creek and the saltmarshes freezing.  Jake, Holly and Sandy [...]

Storm Eleanor

The storm arrived with super high tides and has not only delivered tons of plastic and rubbish on the beach, but has torn through parts of East Head, and also shifted large amounts of sand from the beach. The erosion on one day has been a surprise and definitely worth a look if you haven’t [...]