TESTED // 2019 Fanatic AllWave

Fanatic AllWave 2019 The AllWave has been in the Fanatic sup line up for a while - the wide style wave sup has been really popular and works well as a first time sup, a windsup, and as a wave sup you can paddle happily on flat water. The key to its success has been [...]

RRD 2019 // Year 24 // Talamone Italy

We have dealt with RRD since they started selling just two models of windsurf boards which must be over 20 years ago now so we were looking forward to heading out to Talamone, Italy to see the new products, testing the gear and talking to the riders and designer’s at RRD’s Y24 product launch. On [...]

Foil up!

We have just received our new light wind windsurf foil at 2XS West Wittering –the Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND 1 Windsurf Foil. I am really excited that we can go foil windsurfing in 8 to 18 knots and reckon this could be the game changer for windsurfing !!! And what makes this better is can [...]

The Witterings Charity Paddle Race Results

THE WITTERINGS CHARITY PADDLE RACE – SUNDAY 21 MAY 2017 2XS in conjunction with The Shore Surf Club ran the 10th Charity Paddle Race in aid of The Sussex Snowdrop Trust on Sunday 21st May. The event runs from East to West Wittering (approximately 2.5km) and surfers, prone paddlers, stand up paddleboards, kayaks and canoes [...]

How to choose your first SUP!

How To Choose Your First SUP The best way to go about figuring out what sort of SUP to buy – is probably start with a lesson – we offer at X-train, West Wittering a BSUPA Introduction to SUP course (Ready To Ride) which takes about two hours and covers the basics which includes the […]

Sneak a peek at Surftech 2012 products

Surftech 2012
We had chance to try and check the 2012 paddle surf boards from Surftech. We had a damp day to test some of the new sticks which included a new set of distance and race boards from Jamie Mitchell and New Laird Hamilton boards designed with Joe Bark. Surftech already have reputation for making some of the lightest distance race and paddlesurf models on the market the 2012 line does not disappoint. The new elite race boards felt very light carbon bottoms and tufflite tops seem spot on in the weight department-they also are making a tufflite only cheaper model of certain distance boards which does feel heavier than the elite boards but are acceptable – if you want top performance buy the elite model!
Surftech Roxy – 10.6 = £1145 and 9.6 = £1145
We didn’t have any girlie’s to try these so we thought we would try them ourselves – I really like the feel of these, and they felt very similar to the Pearson Arrow lairds –they are really stable easy to paddle and rode waves with great ease and were surprisingly loose. What was good was the fact the board tracked pretty well – but still rode small waves with great ease. They have a decent surfboard style rail line handle which was well placed and boards were light weight and easy to carry. 10.6 x 32.25 x 4.3 – 9.6 x 30 x 4.33

Jamie Mitchell Latitude 12.6 £1495 And 14ft £1695.00

The Jamie Mitchell models look very different this season – gone is the drawn out pin tail and now there is a high volume squash tail. The boards are super fast and feel more stable than the 12.6 of 2010 – we tried them in choppy windy conditions so it was not the most perfect test conditions. What you notice straight away is their weight – they are super light – the high volume tails give you the chance to get more pop when you paddle. As you compress into your paddle stroke as the paddle is forced down in the water – the shape and high volume tail is forced down into the water as the paddle gets released, the board rises out of the water and with forward momentum picks up speed. All sounds very technical but you do it nearly all the time on a sup with good paddle technique-the Mitchell tail shape improves this. The 14 ft is narrower than the 12.6 and once a cruising speed with hold that speed with a little less effort.

The Laird Race Tufflite 14 ft £1445

This is big volume board 275 ltrs 14 x 29.5 width 7.5 inches thick will suit big guys and we felt this board would make a great downwinder –super fast downwind has good footstearing and the vee bow drives through chop.We had a swept back fin on the test board so it was harder driving up into the wind I think a more upright fin would work better into the wind.The Elite model will cost £1595 –personally I spend the extra and get the lighter board. This board has been a collaboration between Joe Bark and Laird Hamilton so you know its going to be good. There is 12.6 model x 30″ and 7.75 inches thick 259 ltrs. This has a different shape more of a squash tail –feels very stable a similar concept to the bark competitor and is a great all rounder in different conditions. Volume has been reduced in front of the foot pad to reduce windage. They come in both pro elite construction £1395 and tufflite £1345.

Bark is legend in the paddleboard world his distance race and prone boards have brought him many titles –in the USA bark is king of many of the race comps and his production boards are result of a lot of R and D. We had the new competitor 12.6 and dominator 14 ft which have had a tune up with lower deck profiles forward of the pads. We also saw the Candice Applebee model in blue which we didn’t get chance to try.12.6 competitor elite £1545 (Candice Applebee model same as 12.6 competitor) dominator elite £1745. The boards are still as fast as last years so always a very good option.

We arrange demos for 2012 models and other surftechs please call simon on 0774 775 8883 for specific technical advice or email [email protected]


Last Thursday summer arrived with a small swell between the windy fronts that have been battering the beach for the last few months. It was super smooth waves on Berties reef at West Wittering, downwind of the windsurf club.

West Wittering felt like Malibu really warm nice waves no wind a perfect Sup session plenty of folks riding long boards.

Don’t forget if fancy trying paddle boarding or want to learn wave riding on your SUP contact Simon who can help if you fancy trying this [email protected] or we rent direct from the windsurf club.


We are very pleased to announce that Roberto Ricci will coming to the UK and will be visiting 2XS and X-train – he will be launching 2012 new RRD product at WWWC -West Wittering – the RRD EZZY test centre.
Roberto will have the new 2012 RRD Freestyle Waves, Contest Quad Wave, The New RRD SUP and the new 2012 RRD Kites The Religion 2 – The new Obsession Pro and Obsession MKIV – RRD kite wave boards – the new 10 Knots LTD.
Roberto will be on hand to answer any questions and will introduce the new RRD toys.
Neal Gent RRD 2XS team rider- Chris Rainbow, Rossco Moore, James Crowe from 2XS and X-Train will be on hand to help with any enquiries.
It will be at West Wittering Beach at the windsurf club WWWC .
The RRD launch will be on Friday 2nd September Starts 4pm BBQ 6.pm finish 7pm -we are providing free barbie and beers all you have to do is pay your car parking on the beach
Please can you let [email protected] know if you would like to attend or call the beach on 01243 513077 01243 513077 .www.2xs.co.uk