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  • The entry level Flow H9 brings new and exciting sensations to the amazing sport of windsurfing.

    • Incredibly user-friendly
    • Easy and stable ride
    • Super strong Carbon compound wings and fuselage
    • High specification Aluminium mast made in Germany
    • Polygon screw lock inserts
    • Optional wedge
    • Great value for money
    0% Finance Option
  • Confident learning and progression is where your windsurf foiling journey starts. The Dialer’s traditional shape and longer nose makes it best in class for learning to foil. Eliminate uncertainty and gain confidence while you’re in the touch and go phase. Once you are foiling, the Dialer will let you take your foil upwind, downwind and at all points of sail all while being balanced on your foil. And if the wind comes up, you can sail it like a freeride slalom board.

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  • The simplicity of a low wind, mountain lake cruise now becomes a meditative journey. Peace, cruising and then puff hunting on your foil.  Fly across the water silently, then drop back to cruising.  The feeling is surreal and so are the possibilities.
    The FLYER is a double agent. You can paddle it or sail it.  Pair it with the Hoverglide FWIND1 Foil and commune with nature in the lightest of winds.  The days of “not enough wind to have fun” are over.

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  • Foiling Flight School is a simple do-it-yourself learning tool consisting of three separate masts of incremental lengths- 15” (38cm), 24” (61cm) and 30” (76cm). Choose individual sizes or as a package. Foiling Flight School is designed to work exclusively with our complete Hover Glide foil, which comes stock with a 35.5” (90cm) mast.

  • Discover quiet flying on your windsurfer. Tony Logosz designed this wing with emphasis on control, stability and early take-off. And once you get out of first gear in your learning process you will want to lean out and push like you’re riding a fin and jibes like you are on rails. The H2 wind is built for all round foiling, killer turns and will be a long term staple in your quiver.

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  • Built for freestyle foiling and speed, the FWIND2 is set up with our H5 Wing.  The wings are smaller in size, and provide a smaller “foil footprint.”  This will benefit lighter-weight riders looking for control stability and early take-off.  Advanced riders will love the performance the H5 wing delivers.  It excels at all points of sail, turns like crazy and is awesome for jumping, front loops, back loops and all other freestyle riding types.

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  • When you are ready to explore new possibilities on your Windsurf Foil, the Wizard is the place to start. Once you have master the basics of foiling, the Wizard’s low swing weight and compact platform will allow you to progress through tacking, jibing and tricks that are only bound by your imagination.

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