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Ezzy Masts – complete


Ezzy masts are still one of the most dependable masts in the world.

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Ezzy masts are still one of the most dependable masts in the world. It is unsurpassed in quality, performance and value. You know that when you get rinsed by a mast high set, you are going to swim up and find your mast still in one piece! Being of 90% prepreg carbon construction, and its reduced diameter, this is one of the lightest and yet strongest masts on the market.

A Kevlar wrap around the boom area to beef it up a little has been added and to make it that much more indestructable. The constant curve of the Ezzy mast will help broaden the range of your sail, by adding excellent twist off at the top end, and giving your sail a good belly at low end. This mast will help to make your complete rig much lighter and therefore more user friendly.

As used by Witterings local Stuart Holland and 2XS’ own Simon Bassett, these masts sit very well on Ezzy’s and with the use of a Streamlined extension you know you have got a bomb proof rig!

Ezzy Sails Hookipa Mast Specifications


The Ezzy Hookipa RDM Mast

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Mast Size

340, 370, 400, 430, 460, 490


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