2018 Demo Kit Sale

As from September we will be pricing up our 2018 demo gear.

Once the list has been published you can put down a 50% deposit and then collect/pay the final balance of the items from 2XS® in last week of October.

*Most of the gear was purchased March 18 some of the high wind windsurf gear has barely been on the water in 2018

If you would like a particular item or want to contacted when the prices come out please email us sales@2xs.co.uk with all your details, or fill in the form below:

Windsurf Kit:

  • Ezzy sails – Goya, Quatro, Fanatic, RRD windsurf boards
  • Foil boards & Foils from Slingshot & Starboard
  • Freestyle wave boards
  • Sails
  • Masts
  • Booms
  • Extensions

Kitesurf kit:

  • RRD & Ozone kites – and RRD kiteboards
  • Wave and freeride Kites

SUP kit:

  • Fanatic,  Quatro, Kialoa SUPS
  • Surfboards
  • Composite and inflatable SUP boards
  • Paddles