Summer in the Trench

The Trench at West Wittering  has been on top form this year - the sand bars have created perhaps the perfect flat water spot at low, neap tides for windsurfing and deep enough for  wing foiling. When the wind arrives you get the magic combination of flat water and clear winds.  Just take a look [...]

North Kiteboarding now @ 2XS

For 2021 we are really excited to have North Kiteboarding gear available to buy on the 2XS website and also demo gear available in our Test Centre at West Wittering beach. We have the new 2021 North Reach, Cross, Atmos Hybrid, Charge & Prime available and also the new 2021 Wingfoil line up - North [...]

Goya & Quatro 2020 Windsurf Kit Preview

Goya, Quatro and MFC launched their 2020 season range of windsurfing gear, sails, foils, surfboards and SUPs in Tarifa Spain in mid May 2019. The Maui based firm who now have their European distribution on the outskirts of Tarifa brought the Design and Test Team and dealers for a full on test week to try [...]

2019 2XS Club/tuition/tide brochures

2XS Club Brochure & Tuition Brochure We have been busily updating our website with all the new courses dates for 2019. Have you thought of learning a new sport or progressing your existing skills? Why not give us a call to discuss the options (01243 513077) Have you got your 2XS 2019 tide table? If [...]

RRD 2019 // Year 24 // Talamone Italy

We have dealt with RRD since they started selling just two models of windsurf boards which must be over 20 years ago now so we were looking forward to heading out to Talamone, Italy to see the new products, testing the gear and talking to the riders and designer’s at RRD’s Y24 product launch. On [...]

TESTED : : Ozone Enduro V2

The Enduro V2 is a truly awesome Kite! Having taught last year on the V1’s that were quite a raw and ‘grunty’, this year Ozone have fine-tuned the Enduro to give it a more rounded and consistent performance. It drives cleanly through the window, and feels faster and more balanced with a heavier bar feel. [...]

Lewis Crathern goes large at West Wittering

Lewis Crathern Kitesurf legend, Dan Charlish from Snow Camp and event organiser, Chris Bull from CBK, Rich Gowers the boss at BKSA now British Kitesports, Simon Bassett and Julia from Snowcamp were have a meeting at West Wittering Windsurf Club about The Big Charity Downwinder kitesurf event in September.

It happened to coincide with some wind check out the shots of Lewis he must have been at lest 60 feet above the water –it was hard to keep the guy in the frame he just shot upwards –amazing…

Here are details about the event

Pics Simon Bassett ..

First look: Cabrinha 2013 Kite Gear

I attended the Cabrinha 2013 dealer launch last week in Poole. It was good to see all the usual team from Cabrinha including Chris Martin and Simon from the Pryde group. Also I met up with Susi Mai and Dre (team riders from Cabrinha). All the new toys were on display including the new surf board range in both PU and Epoxy. The boards have a combined wood and cork top sheet in the new models (a subwoofer, re tuned s-quad and skillet, the trigger and Pete Cabrinha’s own signature model).

Mike Rapier explained that Cabrinha have their own factory to make kites and now have a new factory making boards – the first boards are the beginning of a new project that they hope will push Cabrinha to the top of the board pile. The new twin tips look decent too with a stack of new models with refined existing models including Dre’s ‘Custom’ which has retuned channels/rocker, new tronic quad concave bottom, caliber and spectrum.

Susi May has developed a new line of ladies products in the ‘Siren’ line. The kites and boards have been tuned for women, and include narrower widths, a new bar with less through for depower, kites tuned for lighter riders who still want performance and yet they look good.

Lots of work has gone into developing the kite bar/lines/pumps –a complete re design for the switchblade. Work has been done on the bridles, foil shapes, material, colours and even the pumps have smoother action. (The pumps are see-through (!) so you can see the sand gathering inside). The drifter and vector have had a re fit with new material, lines, and tuned bridles. There is a redesigned X Bow which is faster for course-racing and a full bridled C Shape kite. And this year the Chaos which replaces the Nomad as the freestyle kite. The bar had had some tune ups including new lines, and detail work on the quick release with new ergonomic trim adjusters.

We will be having a Cabrinha demo of 2013 at West Wittering so watch this space ask for details.