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  • Dakine has partnered with one of the world’s best surfer, John John Florence, to bring you this custom designed Kainui 8′ X 1/4″ Leash.

    All John John Florence products are packaged using sustainable recycled cardboard products with zero plastic – keeping our oceans clean for tomorrow.

  • Like the Ezzy Wave, the new Cheetah is much lighter than its predecessors. Each sail weighs about 230 grams less. This weight reduction comes largely from a new window material that also makes the Cheetah faster and with a better high-end handling.

    As you know, the Cheetah is designed and refined for high performance but still is easy to rig and sail. It is precisely this balance of performance and comfort that people love.

  • The Ezzywave 2021 is only available on pre-order at the moment – **ORDER NOW, DELIVERY END OF JANUARY**

    The new 2021 model of the Ezzy Wave has had some considerable upgrades to the handling of the sail and its seam shaping.  The new 2021 season Ezzy Wave has more power, feels lighter and has a more neutral feel to it when you depower.  This has come about when David Ezzy was developing the new sail and has used the concept from the Taka range of sails but with the complete fourth batten.  Anyone who is looking for a flat water, bump and jump, wave sail or to use with a foil the Ezzy Wave is the perfect choice.


  • Ezzy’s first foil crossover sail…

    The Hydra Sport is designed for foiling but still works on a traditional freeride board with a fin.

  • Built to go fast and made to last, the Lion is Ezzy’s Power-Freeride sail.

    Unlike many wide-sleeved, cambered sails on the market, the Lion’s sleeve is just narrow enough to make waterstarting and uphauling easy. Ezzy replaced the vinyl with a dyneema-reinforced window that increases stability in high winds and dramatically improves the transfer of wind energy into board speed. You can remove either the top or bottom cam to create a single-cam, freeride experience. And even use the Lion without the cams—the flatter shape of the Lion without cams works great for learning to foil.

  • The Ezzy Taka 7 is only available on pre-order at the moment – **ORDER NOW, DELIVERY END OF JANUARY**

    The Ezzy Taka 7 is based on Ezzy’s Taka 6 – there isnt a massive change apart from the material in the luff and new styling for the 2021 season.    To be honest this is one of our favourite sails at 2XS (Simon’s personal sail of choice) – the real deal about the new Ezzy Taka 7 is it’s the lightest, the most powerful, has the same top end wind range as the EzzyWave, however, the Taka has amazing bottom end wind range in gusty conditions and keeps you on the plane when other sail sizes of the same size stop.

  • Gaining more popularity year on year.
    The Zeta  delivers even more dependable all-round performance.
    The 5 batten configuration enables this sail to remain stable and supportive in the gnarliest of conditions. The Zeta is true testament of great a windsurf sail.

  • The Alpha V1 is a unique single strut design that has redefined our expectations of inflatable kites. It’s simple, incredibly lightweight and very effective – it is a winner for any quiver.
  • The Amp V1 represents a new paradigm in C-kite design. It is a progressive yet user-friendly freestyle and park-style kite, offering amateur to pro the response, feedback and control neded to take their riding to the next level.
  • The Catalyst V1 has been a great success but the Ozone design team is never at rest, searching to improve on this confidence inspiring model. The V2 takes it to the next level – it is based from the original design and has been reshaped and refine to enhance performance and accessibility for entry level to intermediate riders.
  • The Edge has a pedigree unsurpassed by any other performance kite to date, now in it’s 8th version since first introducing this model. The Edge has consistently proven it’s free ride performance, big air capabilities and taken riders to the top of race podiums around the world.

  • The Enduro is an all time favourite around the world! It’s recognised as one of the best go-to-kites on the market. It’s versatile for any style and shreds in any type of condition.

    The Enduro incorporates an Open-C shape, semi swept leading edge and square wing-tip design, resulting in a large de-power range, amazing progressive handling, boost for jumping and drift in the waves.

    The V3 has seem massive improvements and changes. With a thinner leading edge and a new rip stop canopy material it can do everything you throw at it!



  • Designed to bring out the kiter within everyone, the go v1 trainer kite is smooth and stable with steady response and power to ensure easy progression into all kite sports.


  • Since its introduction six years ago the Reo has been the reference for pure wave riding, setting the benchmark in performance and feeling.

Showing all 14 results

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