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Fanatic Sky Wing

Fanatic Sky Wing


The Fanatic Sky Wing is the new dedicated board for Wing Foiling.

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The Fanatic Sky Wing is the new dedicated board for Wing Foiling.

The new shapes are ultra-compact and loaded with volume for an easy start and maximum manoeuvrability in flight mode.

Everything about the Sky Wing boards has been optimised for Wing Foiling. The compact shapes are split in two directions: The two smaller models have their focus from freeride to waves, with a curvier rocker line, forgiving bevelled rails and deep double concaves creating a flat section for early going and smooth touch downs at the same time.

The larger 5’4” is focussed on the earliest take off possible with minimal board size. The flat rocker with sharp release edges in the tail cater for maximum glide needed for a quick flight in light winds. Once you’ve learned your first steps into this fascinating new discipline – the Sky Wing is exactly what you want! Much more compact than a SUP Foil board, yet still easy enough to start and get up and out of the water.

Two new sizes have just arrived in – the 5’8 and 6’0 – the selection of board is down to your technical ability and bodyweight – the less experienced/novice level the bigger the board you will need but once up and riding you find you will gravitate towards a smaller sized board.

The Skywing is a really popular Wingfoiling board – the scooped out deck is comfortable; there is a decent grip deck pad; the handles on the hull help assist you when carrying your board and foil to the waters edge and the chunky volume directly over the foil assists when pumping onto the plane.  The boards come with footstraps, which people are using once past the novice stage and are up and riding- this helps you with the switch stance and jumping.

Its probably worth giving us a call/email before you order a Skywing so that we can help you get the right size – Tel:  01243 512552  Email:

BoardSky Wing 4'8Sky Wing 5'0Sky Wing 5'4Sky Wing 5'8Sky Wing 6'0
Volume55 litres75 litres95 litres110 litres130 litres
Rec User Weight<75kg70-85kg>80kg>95kg>100kg
Fittings2 x US Track2 x US Track2 x US Track2 x US Track2 x US Track
Mastfoot InsertNoNoNoNoNo
Footstraps3 x Fanatic Premium3 x Fanatic Premium3 x Fanatic Premium3 x Fanatic Premium3 x Fanatic Premium

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SUP board size

5'0, 6'0


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