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Goya Custom 4 Pro Surfwave Quad (ex-display)

Goya Custom 4 Pro Surfwave Quad (ex-display)


These are ex-display boards. Grab a bargain today.

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Goya Custom 4 Pro Surfwave Quad

With two years of development to evolve from the previous boards chosen by Marcilio to ride on the PWA tour, Goya asked, could the Custom 4 Pro get any better? Yes, and they are now available. The latest Custom 4 Pro from the world champions Marcil-io Browne, Marino Gil and Francisco Goya.

The Custom 4 Pro is the ultimate Pro Model custom wave board, as it is not just the shape but the same off-the-shelf board the Goya team chooses to ride and compete on.

The outline on these new quads grew slightly in the nose and tail areas. Compared to the previous generation, the rail profile has been filled on the nose and thinned towards the tail. The new rockers were adjusted to balance those changes, incorporating a fast surfing rocker that can still fit into the curve of the wave, whilst maintaining the early planing that will accelerate into any ramp or turn.

Bottom shapes seamlessly transition from panel V be-low the mast foot for added rail to rail and off the top rebounds, to Double Concave between the stance for a faster slippery bottom shape and then fading into a Single Concave in the tail for the ultimate turns.

Rockers, inserts and constructions are customized to each size, suiting the rider and the conditions that the board will be used on, yet the Custom 4 Pro brings you the most rocker in the Goya Windsurfing board range.

Volume (litres)Length (cm)Width (cm)Tail (cm)Sail (sqm)Weight (kg)Tail ShapeFins
54213.850.531.9up to 4.0TBDSwallowMFC QS RTM 200 Black, Slot Box
60216.751.333up to 4.5TBDSwallowMFC QS RTM 200 Black, Slot Box
6821752.333.2up to 4.75.7SwallowMFC QS RTM 250 Black, Slot Box
74221.254.434.7up to 5.05.9SwallowMFC QS RTM 250 Black, Slot Box
79221.756.136up to 5.36.1SwallowMFC QS RTM 300 Black, Slot Box
842245736.8up to 5.56.3SwallowMFC QS RTM 300 Black, Slot Box
89225.858.538up to 5.76.5SwallowMFC QS RTM 300 Black, Slot Box
94227.359.539.1up to 5.76.7SwallowMFC QS RTM 350 Black, Slot Box
104230.861.640.3up to 6.07SwallowMFC QS RTM 350 Black, Slot Box
114233.963.541.3up to 6.3N/ASwallowMFC QS RTM 400 Black, Slot Box

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94 Litres


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