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Quatro Cube Quad

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This short compact rocket of a quad was designed for speed and maneuverability. We have completely redesigned this board from its outline to its bottom contour to the entirety of its profile flow. A fuller outline through the nose compensates for its shorter length.



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This short compact rocket of a quad was designed for speed and maneuverability. We have completely redesigned this board from its outline to its bottom contour to the entirety of its profile flow. A fuller outline through the nose compensates for its shorter length.


Its fuller profile thickness through the stance compensates for the Quad’s shorter length and for moving the stance back on the board. This creates a highly dynamic and agile board with amazing low swing weight and a super quick tail. A blend of double concave and vee runs throughout the bottom and delivers instant planing along with a comfortable but firm ride.


MFC Fins

This board comes with a set of perfectly corresponding MFC fin models and sizes to complement its superior shape.

MFC Straps

This board comes with the latest MFC straps, featuring lush quality neoprene and a pleasantly soft inner sole.

Quatro Double Density Pads

This board comes with genuine Quatro pads of varying thickness levels, giving you cushion under your heels and perfect grip throughout. These pads are available for individual purchase.

7222755.434.26.13.2-5.0MFC QS 250 Centre US/QS 250 Si
7822756.635.16.23.7-5.3MFC QS 250 Centre US/QS 300 Si
85229.557.336.26.44.0-5.5MFC QS 250 Centre US/QS 300 Si
90231.558.637.16.74.2-5.7MFC QS 250 Centre US/QS 350 Si
98234.361. QS 250 Centre US/QS 350 Si
110236.56339.57.04.7-6.8MFC QS 250 Centre US/QS 450 Si

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1 review

  1. 5 out of 5

    My beloved Goya 84 Custom Quad was the best board that I have ever ridden and an absolute joy in every department – I had no intention of upgrading it. Then Simon walked up to me on the beach one day with a Quatro Cube 85 under his arm…. “This is your new board” he said to me, “I don’t think so” I replied.

    Half an hour later I was counting out my deposit money in the 2XS office…

    So, why is this board so fantastic?

    I must admit, it took me a short while to dial into the boards’ idiosyncrasies, as this lovely thing is not your usual wave stick. It is a boxy, compact, gunny vessel with bags of character and is always leading the way, beckoning you on to further glory.

    You do have to spend time refining the strap and mast foot settings, as everything is further back on this board, the mast foot settles at around 126cm from the tail. Until I had this down, I was flying out of the front door on tacks, but now the balance is sweet and you really appreciate the stability of the volume distribution.

    The Cube is super fast too and perfect for punching through the confused wave sets that we enjoy at Westy and Jolliffe, a job that it executes with control and precision. This board is unbelievably polite and hugs the watery terrain beautifully, allowing you concentrate on your technique and not the kit. ( helped by a gorgeous Goya Banzai, of course! )

    This speed enables you to dramatically increase your air time, promoting higher, faster and stronger stunts, which always seem to occur in the blink of an eye, such is the compactness of the set up. This board is eager for action.

    It is also an upwind master; just dig in the boxy rail, look upwind and you are there, which is ideal if you spot a stunt ramp or potential wave ride opportunity just out of reach and need to make up some ground fast.

    The boxy rear volume also means that you can hold back and stall in the straps quite comfortably whilst waiting for a following wave; get low as the wave hits you and the Cube flies under control for a smooth, sharp and tight bottom turn. I have now learnt to lip-slide thanks to the astounding grip, just throw out your back leg and bring it in when you have had enough rooster spray – amazing control which surprises very time.

    It’s a pretty looking thing too and exquisitely finished. Keith Teboul has got his day job down to a fine art and his attention to detail across the Quatro and Goya range is unmatched.

    The Quatro Cube 85 was a big step up for me, but this board has made progression more accessible and has opened the door to moves that I would not have otherwise have dreamt of. And that is the key – having a board in your quiver that helps you make the most of your limited time on the water and pushes you to higher skills.

    So next time you see Simon walking up the beach with a board under his arm, either run, or trust his judgment and get your wallet out!

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