2011 Ezzy Wave Panther 3 Now in stock at 2XS

The new Ezzy Wave Panther 3 (2011) windsurfing wave sails are now in stock at 2XS. We have them in all colours and we also have demo sails, so you can try before you buy!

We also have some amazing deals on both new 2010 Ezzy Wave Panther 2s and 2009 Ezzy Wave Panther 1s that we have in stock and ready to ship to you.

To add to that, we have a selection of used Ezzy Wave Panther 2 Sails that you may be interested in.

The New Ezzy Wave Panther 3

The new Ezzy Wave Panther 3 is the 2011 replacement of 2010’s very successful Ezzy Wave Panther 2.

Dave Ezzy has worked to produce a sail that is even lighter in your hands than last year’s model.

The large changes to the Ezzy Wave Panther 3 are:

  • An enlarged centre scrim leech panel
  • A reduced technora leech panel
  • A modified (higher) foot profile
  • Mini leech battens

As always with Ezzy Wave Sails, the Ezzy Wave Panther 3 is an evolution of the previous year’s deisgns. This means that the sails will feel instantly familiar if you have an older Ezzy Wave SE, Ezzy Wave Panther or Ezzy Wave Panther 2.

If you haven’t used an Ezzy Sail for a while, you will notice the reduced weight of the sails – much lighter than previous models (Ezzy Wave SE and Ezzy Wave Panther 1).

The wind range of the Ezzy Wave Panther 3 is absolutely superb – each wave sail size has a great bottom and top end, getting you going early and being solid and dependible when maxed.

The tuning range has been increased on this new Ezzy Wave Panther 3. Both the outhaul and downhaul allow a large range of adjustment on the sails, stopping you having to walk up the beach to change!

Demo a New Ezzy Wave Panther 3 2011

If you are not 100% sure about buying an Ezzy Wave Panther 3 2011, then why not try before you buy?

We have 2011 Ezzy Wave Panther 3 sails at our West Wittering RRD and Ezzy test centre.

To arrange a demo during the winter months, call Simon on 0774 775 8883 or email him – simon@2xs.co.uk. The charge for testing is £25 per hour which we will refund against the cost of new sails.

Trade in?

We will trade in old Ezzy sails against an Ezzy Wave Panther 3. If you are interested in a trade in, give us a call on 01243 512 552 or email.


The Ezzy Wave Panther 3 works best on Ezzy Skinny Masts. These are the masts that are used during the testing of the sails so they ensure the best results.

The masts can be purchased complete or in sections.

The reason Ezzy is the only sail brand to offer this is that it gives you the best mast match for each size of sail, meaning you get 100% performance. It also means that generally you need less masts in your quiver!

To work out the best mast solution for your quver of sails, take a look at the Ezzy Skinny Mast Chart.

Check the Ezzy Wave Panther 3 (III) sail specs.

Ezzy and 2XS

2XS has been heavily involved with Ezzy from the beginning.

Simon Bassett was in Maui in March this year, testing the Ezzy Wave Panther 3 with Dave Ezzy. If you want more information, give Simon a call on 01243 512 552 or email him

Video of the Ezzy Wave Panther 3 in action

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