2013 Da Kine T-6 Review

DA KINE 2013 T-6

I have been using a fixed hook Ion Radium for the last couple of seasons, very happy with it and had stopped using a Da Kine T5 as I felt for my back it was a bit soft on the support side of things for my personal use.

I have to say I have always had Da kine harnesses since the first Thermo form was produced – in fact since their first Dave Kalama chest harness!

So I took the new Da Kine T-6 with me on a trip to Maui – sort of like taking the harness back to its original home.

The Da Kine T-6 waist harness has a bigger plan shape than the T-5 so when you put it on it looks a little bigger, but when you sit back into the harness when you are on the water you get plenty of support. In fact I would say it is super comfy – the larger plan shape spreads the load and for 3 weeks of daily use I had no back complaints whatsoever.

I think the light weight thermo formed shape adds some protection when you are using boardies plus you get some added warmth as it sticks to you skin when its wet. This prevents the harness from moving around and sliding up your chest. You have an adjustable velcro strap which tightens the waist band and shapes the back of the harness more into your back.

There isn’t any neoprene inside the T-6 so when its wet it doesnt get heavy plus the design has built in shape to improve the fit ( you notice this when it doesn’t pack flat in your bag!)

Not everyone is into a sliding hook- you can wrap the harness hook strap around the stainless bar to reduce movement but the theory goes if your harness is fitted correctly to your back the harness bar shifting a little prevents the harness from getting pulled or twisted out of position around your back.

I certainly found the fit to be good I used a Da Kine size large on 33 inch waist.

Check out Graham Ezzy wearing his new Dakine T-6

For further details on the Dakine T-6 check out our product page here..

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