2XS Demo Weekend – 22/23rd October 2016 – West Wittering


The 2XS® Demo is back for 2016 – over the weekend of 22/23rd October – we are excited about the new 2017 gear and it gives you not only the chance to talk to the suppliers but also understand how the gear works and try the product before you buy!

Over the weekend there will a free BBQ lunch Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting) and we will be meeting up in the local pub on Saturday evening at The Old House at Home, West Wittering 6.30pm onwards – so why not make a weekend of it? You check out the weather with our new beach web cam http://2xs.co.uk/weather/

This year we will alsobe running a 2XS® CLUB VASS – Freestyle Event 22/23 October going on the same time with Club Vass boys & girls, which will add to the excitement –this will turn into a tow event if the wind is light. Ollie Scott and the Club Vass Team will be here in force over the weekend to add this event to our demo weekend which we hope will become a regular feature each season at West Wittering. To find out more about the freestyle event and enter please click here. We are expecting some of the UK’s hottest freestylers including Max Rowe, Jamie Howard and Ollie Scott, to attend so it will be a full on display of high performance windsurfing .


We will have the new Taka 3, Elite 2016, the new Lion, Cheetah, Legacy models – Jai and Wouter will be on hand to help with any rigging tips plus they will have Streamlined booms and Kialoa Paddles 

RRD Windsurfing Sups and RRD Kites 

Whitey will be demoing the full range of windsurf, kitesurf and SUP 2017 equipment – we are expecting the new Religion and Obsession kites for demo; the new Firemove, New Freestyle Wave and Cults windsurfing board, Rrd New Inflatable windsurf board and the new RRD SUP range.


Nik Baker and Jay SUP Manning will be bringing all the latest windsurf and SUP toys from Fanatic – including the new Stylemaster and Stubby SUP’s, the new inflatable range from Fanatic SUPs, new Quads, Tri-fins and Stubby windsurfing boards as well as North’s new wave sails.Ion and the new inflatable rigs will be on show. There will be Fanatic XL fun races if there is no wind  over the weekend!!!!


Andy will have available the new Goya Quads in different sizes and the 2017 Goya will have their new sails, plus Cubes, Goya quads, Super mini, Tetra, Goya One, Sups the Carve and Glides. Also he will bring some of the new KT surfboards.

The new Goya Sails – the Banzai, Guru and Fringe.


Ross Williams will be coming with the latest Gaastra 3, 4 & 5 batten wave sails; and the new 2017 range of Tabou boards.


2XS will have the latest offering from JP Custom including their new Comp Custom SUP and a new line of kitesurf wave boards.


We will have the new Reo III Wave Kites plus-Enduro, the 2017 Catalyst available to test – and their trainer range of Ignition kites to try out on the beach,Tom will also bring some of his AXXIS boards including foils and wave boards.


Mike Birt will be  here with the new range of Scotty Mckirchar SUPS –new models, new construction come a try them ….

Patrik Sailoft 

Adam Simms will down with Patrik line up –campello wave boards -slalom–freestyle-freewave-and trailer waves


We will have 2017 NEW T7, PYRO ,NEXUS  harnesses on view .

If you would like  to test for free any of the equipment you need to sign at the windsurf club if there something specific please send us a email –sales@2xs.co.uk 

Demos will be available  from 10am through till 4pm each day over the weekend  – test times will be limited to 30 minutes. Registration at the 2XS Club office before you demo.  

Car Parking fees apply. All demos will will need card deposit against damage .

Location http://2xs.co.uk/contact-us/

Accommodation http://2xs.co.uk/club/local-accomodation/

Pics Gallery http://2xs.co.uk/club/gallery/

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