Freddie Joins the 2XS Team

We are pleased to announce that 14 year old, Freddie Sargent has joined the 2XS Team.

Freddie who is a committed windsurfer, wingfoiler and is just starting his journey into freestyle.   Freddie who lives near Prinsted, Chichester windsurfs mainly at West Wittering and wing foils inside Chichester Harbour.  He will be using Fanatic, ION and Duotone windsurf kit and the same for foiling gear.

Nik Baker from K-66 is supporting Freddie with kit and will be helping with some mentoring into his new windsurfing career.

“2XS is pretty excited to be involved with Freddie who is super passionate about windsurfing and pushing himself into new moves and being creative with photos/media”

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