Grr Easy Tiger… The NEW Ezzy Tiger is in da house!

We have just taken delivery of the New 2012 Ezzy tiger in the 2XS office grrrrrrr.
This sail we haven’t tried yet is a very similar concept to the EZZY Panther Ltd but comes with standard sail cloth opposed to the custom sail cloth of the Panther LTD. I have a 4.7 were going to test next time its windy.
I had an email form the master himself Dave Ezzy who said “the Tiger has very close to the same performance as the Panther Limited. The Tiger might be a smidge more powerful and a tad more draft forward. The weights are similar, with the Tiger coming in only a few grams heavier than the Limited.”
If you not tried the panther LTD there is big reduction in weight of previous sails and it feels very light in your hands –what I like is the early planning you get from the new EZZYs without sacrificing any top end power. One thing is for sure the quality of these sails is by far the best in the industry.
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So if you fancy seeing the EZZY Tiger or looking at a new Ezzy Panther LTD please give me a call 0774 775 8883 or email me directly on

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