PWA NoveNove Maui Aloha Classic 2016


This year’s 2016 NoveNove Maui Aloha Classic was an epic event – huge surf, big moves and a final won by windsurfing legend and Ezzy (Taka 3) and Starboard Team rider Kevin Pritchard.

KP narrowly beat Marcillo Browne (Goya Team) in the final pretty much in the final closing minutes of the heat. It looked like brutal conditions in the middle of the event – Hookipa big, heavy and unforgiving but a real display of windsurfing at its finest! Sarah Quita Ofringa took the women’s title in the double elimination event

Legends past and present were out their tearing it up – Robbie Naish (windsurfing’s spiritual leader), Jason Polokow, Josh Stone plus big wave rider and sup supremo Kai Lenny who made it into 4th place between paddle and tow in sessions at Jaws. Levi Siver came in 3rd with his signature style of wave riding (Goya/ Quatro). Even Quattro and Goya legendary shaper Kieth Taboul was out ripping with his unique surf style windsurfing taking 17th place.

Brits had a solid performance at the event with Robby Swift (8th overall), Jon Skye (21st) and Ross Willams (11th) all charging in Hookipa surf. It was a very exciting event to watch – the live streaming was great with some “out there” commentary from Kai Katchadourian and Rob Funk .


For the full results and video clips

We watched so many of the heats late into the night that I nearly converted to “Maui time” and was experiencing jet lag during the day!!!

Thanks to PWA Team – Rich Page, Duncan Coombes and pics courtesy of PWA – Jon Carter

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