September SUP Sessions

I had a perfect sup session at West Wittering Beach with Holly Bassett, John Ash, and James (the kite Lord). The waves just came up at high tide and hit the sand bars giving usa a couple hours of glassy small surf just to the left of the windsurf club. It was pretty overcast but every 15 mins or 20 mins a decent set rolled in. John was riding a 9’9 RRD Aquamondo, James a 8’10 Quatro AST Glide, Holly on her new 7’6 Fanatic Pro Wave, and myself on a 8’6 Quatro Glide. Every board seemed to work well in the small surf.

We seem to have been getting a lot of waves recently when other spots are not working. You can now check out the surf conditions on our NEW beach web cam

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