Winter Wetsuit Buying Guide

Staying warm this winter – wetsuits on average last a couple of years – after this time the materials start to deteriorate and the warmth and flexibility of the suit is reduced. What you don’t notice about your suit if you use it a lot are the bubbles that sit inside the neoprene begin to breakdown and this then in turn gives you less insulation.

So at 2XS we sell a number of different styles of suits, gloves, boots and neoprene beanies/hoods as well as neoprene shelter jackets for after water action use.

As the temperature drops the important thing to remember is spending more time being active out on the water rather than hanging around on the beach will help in staying warm but making sure you have the correct thickness suit for the temperature is critical.

We have plenty of Ion wetsuits so top of the range is the Ion Onyx Select 5/4 – which has the most technical lining (quick drying) and super stretchy fabric that will keep you warm right the way through to the coldest months.

The Ion Onyx Amp 5/4 is a great mid range priced suit – it has the fit of the Select with a slightly different material and is incredibly flexible – it is a front zip suit so takes just a little bit of getting used to – but through the winter you will appreciate no flushing through the zipped area of the wetsuit.

The Ion Onyx 5/4 – this is a sub £200 wetsuit so if really great value – still a front zippered suit – fits in the same way as the other two models and is double lined throughout and perfect for windsurfing, kiting or SUP.

We are finding now suits that used to be cut with baggy arms for windsurfing or kiting are now out of date and as the arm cut is tighter fitting is achieved by using a more flexible neoprene.

We also have kids suits – the Ion Capture 5/4 front zip – super toasty, looks cool and comes in at a good price.

We all use the Ion suits so ask any of the guys at the beach – Jake, Simon, Max, Rosco, Beth, Holly or even Daisy for further info.

Don’t forget the Atan Madisson 3mm boot with the split toe – the split toe stops the boot from twisting, the titanium inner is super warm and the special Latex rubber sole is great for SUP surfing, use on kite waveboards and in any footstrap use as the boot will release from the strap exactly like a barefoot will.

We also have beanies, shelter jackets, mitts for windsurfing and full finger gloves for kiting and SUP all in stock now.

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