King of the Trench Freestyle event & 2XS Demo Weekend Teaser

WEEKEND OF 28/29th OCTOBER 2017  Put this date in your diary 28/29 October 2017 – we will be running with the Club Vass boys a Freestyle comp over the weekend plus there will be 2018 Windsurf, Kitesurf and SUP gear available to test – also there will be Windsurf and Kitesurf foils available to try. [...]

2017 Demo Kit Sale

As from September we will be pricing up our 2017 demo gear. If you are interested in some great secondhand gear at good prices, please register your name, email address and phone number in the form below and we will contact you once the kit comes up for sale. Windsurf Kit: Boards from Quatro, Goya, RRD Ezzy [...]

Windsurf Foiling

Windsurfing foiling on the Slinghot foils - I reckon it's a game changer for windsurfing… light winds are back on the menu! At 2XS have been out testing the Slingshot windsurf hydrofoil at West Wittering beach. The new Slingshot Hover glide FWIND1 has been a real success, however it has been a bit of learning curve [...]

Windsurf Kit Sale

All sale items have limited stock so hurry and grab a bargain before they go … 20% off the following equipment. Click on link to check available sizes.. BOARDS GOYA QUAD GOYA ONE QUATRO CUBE QUATRO TETRA QUATRO PYRAMID SAILS GOYA BANZAI EZZY SAILS TAKA 3

Foil up!

We have just received our new light wind windsurf foil at 2XS West Wittering –the Slingshot Hover Glide FWIND 1 Windsurf Foil. I am really excited that we can go foil windsurfing in 8 to 18 knots and reckon this could be the game changer for windsurfing !!! And what makes this better is can [...]