Kitesurfing is a relatively new sport, compared to windsurfing. The learning curve is not as steep and the basic skills (kiting in both directions) of kitesurfing are within reach of most people within 2-3 days of trying the sport.

West Wittering is an ideal location to learn this fantastic sport. The flat-water, low tide lagoons offer a great introduction with clean, coastal winds and bump-free water. For more details on the conditions found at West Wittering, please see the sailing and kiting conditions page.

X-Train offer a number of courses to help beginners, intermediates and advanced kitesurfers to improve their game.

  • The Learn to Kitesurf course is broken down into stages (Day 1 & Day 2), it is a complete introduction to the sport of kitesurfing and is the best starting point for a complete beginner.
  • The Learn to Kitesurf Day 3  is ideal for those who have completed a learn to kitesurf course and would like some extra help with board starts and kiting upwind.
  • For private 1:1 courses, you can either use your own gear or our top-end rental equipment. 1:1 courses are ideal for those that are stuck on a particular manoeuvre. If you are looking for an introduction to the sport, it really helps to be part of a group, so we would highly reccomend the Learn to Kitesurf – Day 1 and Day 2 course.
  • Our new course Tune Up Session – is a quick recap of independent kitesurfing proficiency, a breakdown of technique once up and riding and upwind transitions.
  • The advanced kitesurfing clinics and pro clinics are the way to go for more advanced kitesurfers. These courses tend to focus on a particular advanced move or skill. They both include professional video coaching.

Further Information
We hope that the individual course pages provide you with the information that you need. If you want to talk to someone or have a question, please do not hesitate to get in contact by calling X-Train on 01243 513077 or emailing [email protected]