Want to spend your days flying across the water? Then windsurfing is your sport. You won’t believe how easy it is to learn. With modern wide-style equipment and our expert tuition you are guaranteed success.

Our beach is a great place to start and progress in windsurfing with a variety of conditions from flat water to waves, there’s something for all levels.

For more details on the conditions found at West Wittering, please see the sailing and kiting conditions page.

  • The learn to windsurf course is a complete introduction to the sport of windsurfing.
  • The improver windsurfing course is ideal for those who have completed a learn to windsurf course and practiced a bit afterwards. It is also suitable for those who haven’t windsurfed for a long time and need some pointers.
  • For private 1:1 courses, you can either use your own gear or our top-end rental equipment. 1:1 courses are ideal for those that are stuck on a particular manoeuvre. If you are looking for an introduction to the sport, it really helps to be part of a group, so we would highly reccommend the learn to windsurf course.
  • The advanced windsurfing clinics and pro clinics are the way to go for more advanced windsurfers. These courses tend to focus on a particular advanced move like carve gybes, forward loops, back loops, wave sailing and freestyle. For the clinics and pro clinics, you use your own gear (however you can rent the latest equipment from West Wittering Windsurf Club if required) and both include professional video coaching.

Further Information
We hope that the individual course pages provide you with the information that you need. If you want to talk to someone or have a question, please do not hesitate to get in contact by calling 2XS on 01243 513077 or emailing [email protected]