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SUP Paddles

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  • A 50 % Carbon core covered in precious Bamboo finish leaves a great visual impact for this entry performance paddle.

    The twist and flex in the blade is superbly controlled through its’ design and is available with a 7.25” blade with fixed or adjustable shaft and in our handy adjustable 3-piece version.

    The Anti Twist System on the adjustable shafts will keep the handle in place at all times.

  • The Fanatic Carbon 25 HD paddle has an excellent flex / weight ratio, allowing both beginners and aspiring paddlers alike with all the characteristics needed to progress.

    The Carbon 25 HD is available in both 165 – 220cm adjustable and adjustable 3-Piece versions, so it can be shared amongst family and friends. A special feature is the fully integrated rubber edge rail blade protection that will keep you, your board and paddle in one piece.

  • The Fanatic Carbon 35 adjustable paddle with its matt finish 35% Carbon / Glass shaft and strong, ABS protected carbon composite blade is the top choice for any entry level paddler .

    With the Union Joint system and a blade size of 7.25” your strokes are highly effective. Available in standard adjustable or as 3-piece Carbon 35 adjustable for the most convenient paddle transport ever.

  • The Fanatic Carbon 80 paddle is the high performance choice for the ambitious paddler.

    Available in 7.25” and 6.75” blade size, the Union system has the most supreme flex pattern running from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade.

    Fixed or adjustable shaft lengths, or even an adjustable 3-piece version including a handy carry bag, with our Anti Twist System, you’re sure to have the most effective paddle stroke on the water.

  • The Fanatic Carbon Pro model comes with a super light and responsive 100% 12K Carbon blade.  Combined with the Union paddle design and its 100% 3K Carbon shaft, it is strong yet one of the lightest paddles around.

    With a reduction in swing weight, this paddle has an ultra fast flex response from the tip of the blade right through to the top of the handle, which also shines in precious 12K Carbon. The Carbon Pro paddle is available in both 7.25” and our 6.75” blade size.

    Each has an integrated ABS blade protector and is available in fixed length or adjustable shaft, featuring the  Anti Twist System.

  • The Fanatic Diamond Carbon 35 paddle is the perfect match for our ladies SUPs Diamond, Diamond Touring and our Diamond Air models.

    Adjustable to your size and style, this is the super effective yet most stylish paddle to cruise around. Built with the small 6.75” durable carbon composite blade with white ABS rail protection and a 35 % Carbon shaft covered in fresh mint graphics.

    Available in adjustable or 3-piece version.

  • The latest addition to the Fanatic Paddle range is the Pure Paddle, the perfect match for our entry level Pure iSUPs and for anyone looking to get a good amount of bang for your buck! With its 15% Carbon / Composite shaft and solid 8” ABS blade, it’s light in your hands and handles the usual contact in the early stages with ease.

    The Fanatic Pure Paddle is available in adjustable and adjustable 3-piece version with a length of 165- 220cm.

  • The Fanatic Ripper Carbon 25 paddle is designed specifically for juniors and as the perfect partner for the Ripper Air kids iSUP boards. The lightweight Ripper Carbon 25 is newly designed for 2018 with a unique Carbon look and the Fanatic highly durable 6.5” carbon composite blade to withstand the daily hits from the unavoidable learning curve. Adjustable from 130 – 165 cm.


  • The brand new Ripper Pure Paddle comes along with its equivalent for grown-ups with a 15% Carbon / Composite shaft and features a 6.5” ABS blade. Available as convenient 3-piece version with an adjustable range of 130-160cm, it grows with your junior and fits the backpack of our Ripper Air models. Easy, strong and value minded!

  • This is one of Kialoa’s flagship paddles and it is a combination of design input from Dave Chung and legend surfer Gerry Lopez.  The GL is a super stiff blade, really well reinforced towards the head of the paddle, a circular shaft which is reinforced as it connects to the blade and has a T bar handle grip. The GL gives you a very powerful stroke and lots of control – superlight and super strong. In our view there is nothing better!

    The GL Surf II, (named for our friend and neighbor Gerry Lopez) is our surf specific paddle featuring a Carbon Foam Core symmetrical blade for easy skimming and rounded blade edges that protect your board. The 90 square inch blade gives the right balance of power in the surf. Internal carbon edgebanding provides excellent durability to the edge of the blade. We combine this blade with an extremely light, durable and responsive Black carbon shaft or Hi-Vis™ carbon shaft and top it with our fixed Carbon Ergo-T™ Grip, providing the lightest weight option for high performance paddlers. Each of our Carbon Foam Core blades is handmade in the USA.

    *Every paddle will be custom fitted to your height and ability – we will contact you individually to discuss options after ordering*

  • The Hulu is Kialoa’s race paddle – made in epoxy and high modular carbon so its very light, 16 ozs, and you can have a choice in a small blade (7 1/8 x 17.5”) or a large blade (8 1/16 x 17.5”). We sell more of the Hulu smaller blade width which suits a higher cadence paddle stroke. The Hulu is durable, tough and has an ultra thin blade for a super clean entry and the dihedral shape on the powerface of the blade gives you maximum stability through the water.

    The Hulu Kialoa’s Formula 1 race blade. The Carbon Foam Core blade allows us to make the complex shape of our PowerHook™ blade profile. The Hulu blade creates an aggressive catch at the start of your stroke and a clean release when exiting the water. Internal carbon edge-banding provides excellent durability to the edge of the blade. We combine this blade with an extremely light and responsive carbon shaft with optimized flex and top it with our fixed Carbon Ergo-T™ Grip that provides the lightest weight option for high performance paddlers. Each of our Carbon Foam Core blades is handmade in the USA.

  • The carbon blend Insanity has a adjustable round carbon/fiberglass shaft (60% carbon) it comes with the palm leverlock adjustment system (70-86 inches). The carbon blend Insanity weighs in at 23 ozs and comes with a carbon fibrelite (recycled polypropalene resin and carbon) blade which comes in 7 1/8 or 8 inch large blade.

    Want a paddle that is light and durable and adjusts in length for different paddling conditions at a great price? Insanity Carbon Adjustable Blend is the best of all worlds. Featuring a Carbon Fibrlite™ blade, the durability and impact resistance of these blades is unmatched while offering a light weight, stiff and high performance feel. Utilizing post manufacturing (pre-baby) diaper scraps, these are the first high performance blades using recycled material. We combine this blade with a light, durable carbon/fiberglass blend shaft. We then top it off with our 16″ Utili-T™ insert which offers 16″ of adjustability for paddlers who want to adjust length on the fly and share their paddle with family and friends.


Showing 1–12 of 18 results

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