This Learn to Surf Course is a beginner’s complete introduction to the sport. We will quickly teach beginners all the basics of how to surf:

  • Paddling out and getting through the waves
  • Catching waves
  • Popping up
  • Balance
  • Handling the board
  • Safety

2XS use land-based simulation, on-the-water demos and group coaching to help beginner windsurfers learn and understand the basics of surfing.

All of the learning is made easier and safer through the use of soft 9 foot longboards with flexible rubber fins.

West Wittering frequently provides small waves which are perfect for the first steps in surfing. The waves generally appear a few hours before high tide (this is when the surf lessons are scheduled)

We provide you with everything you need to participate, including a high-quality, single lined glued and blind-stitched wetsuit. We also have a warm, dry club house with hot showers, changing rooms and as much tea and coffee as you want so you can eat your lunch in comfort. In fact, the only thing you need to bring is your towel.

All of our instructors are fully qualified and are hand-picked to ensure you have the best learning experience – plenty of fun whilst still learning!

All instructors carry UHF radios, we have jet-ski rescue and there are life-guards on West Wittering beach in the summer months