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Axis Black Series Fuselages

Axis Black Series Fuselages


The Axis fuselage have an incredibly strong connection to any size wings to create a very direct feel from your feet to the front wing, which is the most important part of foiling.

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The new family of high performance wings required a redesigned fuselage. The higher performance foil sections have lower camber, resulting in thinner wings, where the connection to the fuselage is shallower. The Black Series fuselage accommodates the new FASTER wings, giving the new fuselage a perfect connection and rigidity to these faster foil sections used by the B-Series wings. The lengths of the B-Series fuselages are modified to position the front wings to the perfect spot for each size fuselage.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Black Series Standard Fuselage 784mm
  • Black Series Short Fuselage 703mm
  • Black Series Ultra Short Fuselage 643mm
  • Black Series Crazy Short Fuselage 603mm
  • Black Series Windsurf Foiling Fuselage 899mm

The B series bolt pattern is different to the Axis Red series fuselage system -so you cannot switch your red series front wings  across there are full range of Axis front wing options. The rule with using different length fuselages- is that the smaller the fuselage the more manoeuvrable the foil will  be and more sensitive . The standard length 76.5  is a what you should learn on and works well for stability with bigger front wings. It also is very stable in strong winds.

Using the Short fuse 70.3 cm or ultra short 64.3 cm  to your foil set up will again increase turning arc. Increased turning  can also be improved  by using smaller tail wings . Ultra short 60.3 cm  is the smallest fuse set up .It is worth with Axis calling for more information so you can look at the level you at foiling -front wing size -and we can suggested the right options for you .

The reason AXIS have so many options is that you can really tune your performance with the correct front wing fuselage and tail wing. Send a email or call and ask Simon our Axis guru to find out more.


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Standard – 784mm, Short – 703mm, Ultrashort – 643mm, Crazy Short – 603mm, Windsurf Foiling – 899mm


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