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RRD Y27 Beluga LTE Wing Packages

RRD Y27 Beluga LTE Wing Packages


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RRD Y27 Beluga LTE Wing Packages

Beluga LTE

Designed to excel in both wave and flat water conditions, the Beluga LTE offers unmatched versatility. Its specially designed rails, featuring a pronounced bevel, provide a larger area for comfortable foot placement. In addition, the reduced bottom surface area minimizes drag during descents, allowing you to maintain speed and efficiency throughout your ride.
Pumping the Beluga LTE is a breeze, thanks to the pronounced kicker on the tail. This feature facilitates quick and efficient takeoffs, allowing you to lift off and take flight in the blink of an eye. Whether you are learning new tricks or performing complex maneuvers, the Beluga LTE provides superior control, allowing you to push your limits and reach new heights.

Evo Wing

A magical freeride / freestyle wing for all levels from novice to expert. The Evo Wing is completely functional and purposefully designed to provide you with an overall experience.
The new long and wide handles will make you fall in love with the ease of use in maneuvers. The arrow outline of the EVO cuts the wind in pace, allowing a faster and better cross and upwind ride and with the new large windows you will have ample visibility.

Blaze Alu Foil

The new BLAZE set runs with the evolution of foiling. Its extraordinary efficiency and glide allow you to do everything effortlessly whether it is Wing, Surf or Kite foiling.
The Blaze wings are designed to bring you to the peak of your performance, with a 6.5 aspect ratio you gain the speed but also the maneuverability you are dreaming of. The new rear wings maximize acceleration and control.
The Blaze wings fit inside a well-tested and proven fuselage to mast system that offers the best compromise of stiffness and lightness. Our aluminum mast is 100% safe with new added side screws which ensure that every single component of the foil is 100% safe with no risk of breakage or loss. With this set you can truly push yourself further without any risk.

The BLAZE ALU 1850 is for heavier riders that want to mix more lift and great glide. The most accessible in the Blaze range and enjoyable for its versatility. You can wing, ride downwind, dock start or wake foil. A pure thrill to give you hours of excitement in the water.

Universal SW Alu Foil

The Universal ALU foil set is the tool to enter the exhilarating foil dimension. You can switch the use of this phenomenal set from Wing, to Surf, to SUP, to Kite foiling without the need to change your hydrofoil! This hydrofoil is capable of speeding up the learning process as you never thought was possible.
The new Universal SW alu is available in two versions with 75 cm or 85 cm aluminum mast. The 75 cm mast is recommended to better keep control during your first flights, while the 85 cm mast is preferable once you progress and are able to ride for longer distances.
The new Universal SW 1750 full carbon front wing is the engine of the whole system. Its generous wingspan and thicker profile will create the right lift to start foiling at low board speed and help to keep stability and control once you are flying! Your jibes and tacks are going to be so easy and you will learn how to pump on flat water or ground small swell. The rear wing is 52 cm wide and has a negative dihedral angle of -26°. This angled wing design improves the “pumping” and carving ability of the foil. This hydrofoil is capable of speeding up the learning process as you never thought was possible!

Recommended for novice riders, the ideal hydrofoil for schools.

Dynamic Pro Foil

The Dynamic Pro Alu SWK is a no compromise foil set.
The Dynamic Pro front wing profile is the engine of this hi performance foil, designed with a negative dihedral angle turning into a neutral one on the tips. This special wing design with a differentiated dihedral angle is the base for turning potential and stability. You’ll fly with control at a higher speed and draw the sharpest turns.
The Dynamic Pro Alu SWK 1200 is a “must have” if you are a surf foil addict (expert level). This exciting new design is able to carve and hit any wave section without losing control. You will spend hours in the water and catch tons of waves.  It has outstanding speed but still an accessible feel and response. It can be used by every rider who has great confidence with surf foiling.
Recommended for freeride and heavy duty use for both surf and wing foil (riders weight between 70 – 85 kg)

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Y27 Beluga LTE 105, Y27 Beluga LTE 125


Blaze 1850, Universal 1750/75, Universal 1750/85, Dynamic Pro 1500, Dynamic Pro 1200, Dynamic Pro 900, Dynamic Pro 700


Evo 4.5, Evo 5.5, Evo 6.5

Waist Leash

Small, Medium, Large, No thanks


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