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Duotone Grip 3 SLS

Duotone Grip 3 SLS



The highly adaptable Grip enables you to ride your wave your way, without compromise.

Check out details of Simon’s recent trip to Tarifa to test out the latest Duotone 2024 Products.

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Duotone Grip 3 SLS

Rather than creating special onshore, sideshore or even asymmetric boards that only work in very limited conditions/spots. Such boards might give you a slight edge in super extreme conditions, but custom boards also often turn out to be a surprise egg.

The Duotone GRIP SLS boards are constantly evolving designs and constructions to ensure we are continuously at the forefront of development yet with over 40 years of experience. They call them World Cup Wave boards as they are engineered to satisfy the best of the best on all kind of spots around the globe, from jumping-oriented side-on conditions like Pozo to down-the-line groundswell conditions like Hookipa.

During development, the major inputs came from two-time PWA Wave World Champion Victor Fernandez and the highest-ranked future Wave Champ contender Marc Paré. These guys are not just 2 of the best wave sailors on the planet, but they both have a very contest oriented riding style. Therefore instead of demanding super specialised and extreme shapes they always aim for:

  • Boards that are super balanced and easy to control in all kind of conditions without taking on a life of their own, to score maximum turns and jumps
  • Boards that are super versatile to sail and allow front- and back foot riding to get the most out of each wave even when the conditions are changing
  • Boards offering a maximum wind range to avoid being forced to switch boards during the heat

Well isn’t that exactly what we all expect from our wave board? And that’s why Marc and Victor are our most important assets in the development process. In fact, all the GRIP SLS production boards are exact replicas of their best boards from the PWA tour.


+ Dedicated Thruster World Cup Wave boards

+ Complete new construction and optimised fittings lead to a weight saving of 300-400 g

+ Brand new shapes for the entire GRIP 3 SLS range

+ Premium sandwich construction

+ Comes with 3 x premium straps

+ Fins: 2 x Tri MFC Centre Side (slot) 11/2 x Tri MFC Side (slot) 11/12 + Tri MFC Centre (US) 17/18/20

ModelGrip SLS 79Grip SLS 85Grip SLS 95Grip SLS 108

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SLS 79, SLS 85, SLS 95, SLS 108


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