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Ozone Fusion V1

Ozone Fusion V1


The new FUSION freeride wing marks a paradigm shift in performance. Tailored to riders seeking higher speeds, dynamic jump and flight potential along with previously impossible angles up and downwind. 

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Ozone Fusion Wing

The Fusion’s design has unlocked enormous performance potential. Producing more lift, while reducing drag, means performance gains have moved in bigger steps and these improvements are revealed in far more areas than just locked-in, straight line speed.

By completely fairing the lower surface, designing a clean envelope structure and adding ram air intakes, the air pressure created internally helps the upper and lower surface retain positive pressure and tension over its entire area.

A well designed ram air envelope will naturally guard against luffing (the moment a canopy starts to flap) and helps support better load distribution throughout the entire sail. Utilising the dynamic pressure created by the aerofoil section, combined with ram air inflation, we have opened up a new world of untapped design potential.

Ozone’s experience developing efficient ram air structures meant that the design team had the background knowledge to push the Fusion, both in terms of performance potential and physical design.

The end result is unique; a beautifully crafted 100% double-surface wing with stunning performance, sublime design and manufacturing solutions throughout.


The Fusion wing is designed around the high-performance planform of the Flux, including the pre-loaded leading edge, which is made with stiff performance dacron and experiences drastically less deformation in strong conditions.

The 100% double surface ram air design creates an enclosed high pressure space between the entire upper and lower surfaces. The internal rib structure supports both sail layers and helps the wing smoothly deal with dynamic pressure differentials when the wing’s angle-of-attack changes.


A dramatic reduction in drag.

When the air travels over a wing it splits at the stagnation point on the leading edge. While the air that runs along the top surface has a clean and continuous surface to follow, the airflow on the bottom of a single surface wing creates vortices behind the leading edge. This turbulent underside flow creates drag which reduces performance.

You can enjoy the Fusion on an intermediate, mid-size front foil wing, however the Fusion opens up freedom to play with smaller, faster foils and these are key to unlocking the wing’s real potential. As you tweak your foil set up to have less drag underwater, the more it will allow the Fusion’s supercharged handling and extreme airspeed capabilities to really shine.

With a greater feel for the energy at play, progressive riders will find the Fusion helps them to develop the instincts to squeeze ever increasing performance from their equipment and themselves.


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