An important part of being able to offer the best experience at 2XS is excellent equipment.

We are proud to be a demo centre for RRD Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and SUPs, Ezzy Sails, Dakine,  Fanatic and Kialoa. We use this kit for all our courses and it is also available to hire.

These brands have been chosen because, in our opinion, they are the best of the best. Each piece of equipment in our hire fleet has been picked because it offers a superior performance. If we wouldn’t sail it, we wouldn’t expect you to.


You have four options when it comes to renting gear. Equipment can be rented by the hour, half day (3 hours) or full day (see prices below) or you can sign up for our Hire Package Membership.

The Hire Package Membership is so much cheaper than buying your own gear. You can switch between kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, SUP and kayaking as much as you like and you can use brand new, top quality gear everyday between the beginning of March and end of October.

We will even have your sail rigged and ready for when you arrive at the beach. We will take your board to the water’s edge if it is low tide and you can change sail and board size as much as you like.

If you are already a member, you can add the Hire Package onto your club membership. This costs £750 per person.

We have invested in serious amounts of equipment to make West Wittering Windsurf Club work like a holiday centre abroad. We don’t just use the basic models from all the brands. We have the top of the range carbon-kevlar boards from RRD, sails from Ezzy, 90% Skinny carbon masts, Chinook Booms, Dakine harnesses, adjustable harness lines, new RRD kites, RRD kite boards. We have top quality wetsuits from Neil Pryde, O’Neill and Animal. We also have kids specific sails from Hot Sails Maui. We have wind SUPs, surf SUPs and all round boards from RRD & Fanatic.


We have the UK’s RRD and Ezzy Test Centre with nearly all the models from windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP. If you are interested in buying a new board, sail or kite, you can hire it first to try it out. You can then buy it from 2XS (01243 512 552) and we will refund your hire fee. (Please make sure to keep your receipt.)  We also now have Goya & Quatro boards available so come and have a test ride…..


1 Hour 3 hours Full Day
Body Board / Surf / SUP
Body Board £10.00
Soft Surf Board £15.00 £30.00
Epoxy Surf Board £20.00 £30.00
SUP + Paddle + Wetsuit £20.00 £45.00 £55.00
7 Man SUP £100.00
SUP Paddle £10.00
Surf Kayak £20.00
Two person kayak £25.00
Windsurf board only £30.00 £50.00 £65.00
Windsurf rig only £30.00 £50.00 £65.00
Windsurf Kids rig only £15.00 £30.00 £55.00
Beginners board (complete with soft sail and wetsuit) £25.00 £50.00 £65.00
Beginners board with wave sail £35.00 £55.00 £75.00
Board & rig complete with high tech board and sail £45.00 £90.00 £100.00
Windsurf Parts
Mast extension £10.00
Mast £20.00
Boom £15.00
Mastbase £5.00
Kitesurf (members only)
RRD Kite & Board £45.00 £85.00 £95.00
Kite Bars £30.00
Kite Board Only £20.00 £45.00 £55.00
Accessories / Wetsuits
Wetsuit £5.00 £10.00 £15.00
Harness £5.00 £10.00
Bouyancy Aid £5.00 £10.00

THE GEAR LISTIf you’d like to buy new equipment, either visit our online shop at www.2xs.co.uk or call on 01243 512552. For hire packages or prices, please call 2XS Beach on 01243 513077. You can call us to reserve your kit and we will have it all rigged and ready for you on the beach!

Here is the breakdown of 2017 rental gear at West Wittering Windsurf Club

Windsurfing – Kids
Kids Hots Sails Maui
SO kids rigs with micro
booms from 0.8-3.8m
Windsurfing – Beginners
Soft deck boards
220ltr Easy rider
180ltr Easy rider
166ltr Easy Rider
138ltr Evo 360
202 Goya
Beginners 3m-4m m sails are all
rigged on 100% carbon
lightweight masts with
lightweight booms.
Windsurfing – Improvers / Advanced
RRD 140 Firemove E-Tech
RRD 130 Firemove E-Tech
RRD 122 Firemove E-Tech
RRD 122 Firemove Ltd
RRD 112 Firemove Ltd
Goya Quad 80
Goya One 105
All sails will be rigged on 90%
carbon Ezzy skinny masts
3.4m Taka 2
3.7m Ezzy Elite
4.2m Ezzy Elite
4.5m Ezzy Elite
4.7m Ezzy Elite
5.0m Ezzy Elite
5.3m Ezzy Elite
5.7m Ezzy Elite
6.1m Ezzy Elite
6.4m Ezzy Elite
7m Ezzy Cheetah
7.5m Ezzy Cheetah
Da Kine
Harnesses including T7, Nexus, Wahine and Kids Harnesses
Kite surfing
RRD Religion 5m, 7m, 9m 10.5m & 12m
RRD Obsession 15m
RRD Easy Kite 148×46
RRD Placebo 42
RRD Placebo 43
RRD Poison Carbon 42
RRD 9’9 Aquamondo
RRD Palinero 9’8
RRD Paliner 10’4
RRD Cosmo 8’5
Fanatic All Wave 9’4, 9’0 & 8’5
Fanatic Fly 11’2 & 10’6
Fanatic Stylemaster 10’0
Fanatic 18′ 7 man XL SUP
JP Custom 8’3
NSP 8.6, 7.6, 6.6
Alder soft 9′ surfboards