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The 2XS windsurfing, kitesurfing, and wingfoiling Club is located on the private Estate and Beach at West Wittering, West Sussex. We have been here since 1991, but there has been a club here since the late 1970s. We are fortunate to have great facilities, including changing rooms, showers, a kitchen area, and a club room, all accessible with combination locks for members to use. We provide jet ski rescue, the latest hire equipment, a shop, a beach webcam, and staff on-site from March 1st until October 31st.

West Wittering beach offers a variety of conditions depending on the tide, wind strength and direction. The sandbars create pools of flat water at mid and low tide conditions, with the Trench at the eastern end of the beach creating perfect flat water conditions for both windsurfing and wingfoiling. You can enjoy up to 2 plus hours on either side of low water on neap tides. When we have ground swell, we get waves at low, mid, and high tide. The banks just before and after low tide provide the longest ride on the south coast if you’re up for the paddle out or prepared to sail right out the back.

From May to September, West Wittering beach is lifeguarded, with specific swim zones, and we work closely with lifeguards and the WWE Team to designate water sports zones away from swimmers.

Water quality is a significant concern, and Chichester Harbour has its problems. However, West Wittering Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for the last 20 years. Water quality is monitored and tested every other week during the summer season. The team at West Wittering Estate cleans the beach daily, along with volunteers who pick up rubbish from the sea and what is left behind from the visitors, ensuring the beach is kept in very good order.

West Wittering beach is sandy with very few rocks on the beach or in the water. Depth is a bigger issue as the tide moves, and sandbars are exposed. On big spring tides and strong easterly winds, you get the strongest currents.

The 2XS Club at West Wittering beach is a place where we help to launch and land your kites, and we can transport your kit at low tide down to the Trench. We offer hire gear of the latest 2024 Ezzy sails, Goya Sails, Duotone Sails, Chinook Booms, Dakine Harnesses, all with 90% or 100% carbon masts. We have windsurfing boards from Goya, Quatro, Duotone, wing foiling gear from Duotone, KT and Axis, and kiting gear from Ozone & RRD. We provide warm wetsuits from ION in sizes from age 4 upwards to double XL. All our SUPs are from Fanatic and Quatro, inflatable and rigid. We also have a range of soft surfboards and kayaks available for rental.

The Club offers different options; you can come windsurfing or wing foiling on a day ticket (maximum 4 visits per season). Kitesurfing is restricted to members only for safety reasons. We offer family and single memberships, and we provide hire packages where you get priority on the hire gear, choosing from windsurfing, kitesurfing, and wing foiling.

As a member of the Club, you have the option, once you have joined, to obtain a season ticket, which is the most economical way to park, and you can have 2 cars on the membership scheme (only one car in at a time).

On the beach, there is a modern café called the Beach Café, which is good for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Additionally, there is a good coffee shop on the way to the beach called The Landing.

For more information, you can call us on 01243 513077 or drop in to the beach for a visit.


  • Become a Social/Sup/Surf member of West Wittering Windsurf Club and enjoy all of the benefits.

    Socialise/SUP/Surf at one of the only South Coast locations that is fine at any state of tide and benefit from rescue facilities, a thriving social scene, hot showers, free tea, coffee and wireless internet. If you don’t have your own board then you easily hire them from us – always best to call in advance.

    If you are looking for a way of having fun with the family, keeping the kids busy and away from computer games, then don’t hesitate to join up today! Or if you are looking for a way of meeting like minded people and to enjoy your sport in a safe environment, look no further!

    All social club members who want to SUP or surf must have 3rd party liability insurance and we recommend SportsGuard from SportsCover Direct Insurance. And for new members there is a one-off joining fee of £85.



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