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Quatro Power 4

Quatro Power 4





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Quatro Power 4

Quatro’s Power is a similar design brief to the Goya One, however, it has a slightly different feel to it

This 4th generation Quatro Power has inboard and outboard stance positions for different conditions and skill levels. More compact with a slightly wider tail block, tweaked rocker and volume distribution, more supportive than ever but don’t let this mislead you, it’s a thoroughbred Quatro board and carries over traits from it’s more radical siblings to lay turns and send spray flying when the waves do pick up.

  • Carbon & S-Glass Hull technology, Vacuum lamination.
  • Finboxes: 1x Power Box + 2x Mini Tuttle.
  • All new MFC ® fins and footstraps.
  • Inboard and outboard strap position inserts.
  • All new KT Surfing ® Single to Dual Density Traction Pads, sloped, segmented, tactile grooved, ultra light.
  • Hyper Skin GW, High Density Full Sandwich.
  • Carbon Monocoque, connecting masttrack and stance to rails and bottom, forming a cohesive whole.

A word on fins:

The Quatro Power 4 is the first of its kind to come without compromise on fin position and footstrap position.

In previous generations, like on any board with a Powerbox and its inherent screw hole, there had to be a com- promise on the fin position in relation to the foot strap position. In this traditional format, the center fin would be set too far back. For this new generation, compromise was no longer an option and Quatro wanted  all inserts in the exact and optimal position determined during testing. The solution was to change the design of the fin itself. Together with MFC they have succeeded in positioning the fin forward on its base. Resulting in the perfect fin position and footstrap position.


Volume (litres)Length (cm)Width (cm)Tail (cm)Sail (sqm)Weight (kg)Tail ShapeFins
84226.556.537.3up to 5.56DiamondFW G10, 21, RTM 10
9422739.539.5up to 6.06.2DiamondFW G10, 21, RTM 10
104230.541.541.5up to 6.56.5DiamondFW G10, 23, RTM 10
114231.543.543.5up to 6.76.7DiamondFW G10, 25, RTM 10

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84 Litres, 94 Litres, 104 Litres, 114 Litres


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