NEW Quatro, Goya, KT Foiling Gear

As we write this blog our new 2025 GOYA, KT and QUATRO windsurfing boards, sails, wingfoiling and downwinding gear is on its way to the 2XS HQ at West Wittering beach and should be on the beach by May 1st. We have ordered for demo the new Goya Banzai windsurf sails, Quatro Cube 6 quad, Goya [...]

North Kiteboarding now @ 2XS

For 2021 we are really excited to have North Kiteboarding gear available to buy on the 2XS website and also demo gear available in our Test Centre at West Wittering beach. We have the new 2021 North Reach, Cross, Atmos Hybrid, Charge & Prime available and also the new 2021 Wingfoil line up - North [...]

MFC Foils now @ 2XS

MFC foils now at 2XS West Wittering Maui Fin Company hydrofoils are pretty much the centre of a huge development in surf foiling, kite and wing foiling.  Kai Lenny amongst many other top Pro's use this Maui based foil brand as their standard foil of choice. We are excited to have the MFC foil range [...]

Ezzywave 2021

Ezzy is launching at the end of January the new 2021 Ezzywave sail – this has had some considerable upgrades to the handling of the sail and its seam shaping.  Dave Ezzy has developed the Ezzywave initially from the concept of the Taka range but with the complete fourth batten rather than a three and [...]

SUP Book Launch @ Stanfords, Covent Garden

Team 2XS have just got back from the Stanfords launch party in Covent Garden of Simon's book 'Stand Up Paddleboarding: A Beginner’s Guide'. It was great to see so many people supporting the event, and to chat to beginners encouraging them into the sport. Stand Up Paddleboarding or "SUP" has taken the world by storm and [...]

10% off Dakine Promotion

The sun's out and it's time to PIMP YOUR RIDE. Fill you shopping basket with some Dakine Primo Footstraps, Dakine Fixed Harness Lines, and a Dakine Wai Wai pad and you'll get 10% off the basket total plus FREE shipping. Don't forget to add the code PIMPMYRIDE at the checkout.

2011 Animal summer wetsuits now in stock

We have just taken delivery of the fantastic new summer 2011 Animal Wetsuits.

The feedback so far has been excellent and the Animal Wetsuits certainly look great.

We now have the following stocks and ready for next-day dispatch:
Animal Amp GBS Wetsuit (3-2)
Animal Amp Womens Wetsuit (3-2)
Animal Animator Wetsuit (Front Zip) 3-2
Animal Animator Womens Wetsuit
Animal Antidote Front Zip Wetsuit
Animal Antidote Back Zip Wetsuit

New 2011 Dakine T5 Windsurfing Harness

The dakine T5 windsurfing harness has been up graded this season I had chance to test last year when Jason from Dakine dropped off a sample on a windy day at West Wittering to try.
From the pics you can can see a more sculpted shape to the harness it feels more compact on your body over the Dakine T4,T3 and previous models. 
It has the same bar system with choices of 12 10 and 6 inch bars and comes with Da Kines posi lock replaceable harness strap system. The double waist band has now been replaced by a single elastic waist strap.
What you can see in the photos is a new neoprene surround to the harness and a triple reinforced strapping stitched into the body of the harness .It feels good on the water I tried against my Dakine T4 and I would say it felt stiffer and more supportive. The moulded construction sticks to your suit helps prevent riding up and always feels good and protects your back when your in boardies.
Not sure the pea green was my favourite colour we have ordered some better colours we have Black and white in stock.
New rrp £ 139.00 sizes still the same as 2010.

Preorder the Dakine T5