Duotone Demo Day // Saturday 18th May 2024

2024 Duotone Windsurfing, Wingfoiling, pumpfoil & downwind gear available to demo The event starts at 10am until 4pm. You will need to pre-register for demo's by completing this booking form - click on link here Tides on the 18th May - High water 08:40 (3.7m) Low water 2:12pm (1.7m) If you want to book ahead [...]

Join The Club

The 2XS windsurfing, kitesurfing, and wingfoiling Club is located on the private Estate and Beach at West Wittering, West Sussex. We have been here since 1991, but there has been a club here since the late 1970s. We are fortunate to have great facilities, including changing rooms, showers, a kitchen area, and a club room, [...]

Windsurfing, King Charles, 2XS, PYBT Business

2XS & THE PRINCES TRUST Back in 1989, when Jane and I started our business, 2XS, in a time when interest rates were hovering around 15% - high street banks would not  give us a start-up loan without asset security.  We had about £500 to our names and borrowed a van from my Dad but [...]

Goya/Quatro & KT foiling Demo Day // April 15th 2023

Andy “Bubble” Chambers will be down at 2XS, West Wittering on Saturday 15th April and he is bringing with him the Banzai’s, Fringe’s, Eclipse’s, Goya One, Volar, Bolt, Carrera, Custom 4, Custom 3, Nitro available for demo.  From the Quatro line up there will be the Power, Pyramid and Cube;  KT Surfing Wing Drifters and […]

2XS West Wittering // Open from 29th March

After the third Lockdown, and hopefully the last, we are pretty excited to be back open from the 29th March 2021.  This means the Club will be open and operating, 7 day a week rescue cover, hire and private tuition is also available. From the 12th April, we are then able to offer our watersport [...]

Should I stay or should I go? #stayhome

2XS CLUB - West Wittering's position on going out: kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP, surf. I am getting calls daily about going out on the water and here are our thoughts... We have no intention of going against GOVT advice, travelling, keeping social distancing or creating issues for others while we are advised to stay at home. [...]

The Silver Surfers of 2XS

70 and still rockin'! (well... windsurfing, sup and kitesurfing!) At 70 years old (young) you would think your days in the water are somewhat numbered... But we are all living longer so the need to stay strong, fit and healthy is greater than ever. We say 70 is the new 60! There are some milestones [...]

Happy New Year // The Ocean is my gym…

Happy New Year Everyone We are super stoked that the days are now getting longer and the hours of daylight are increasing. This increase of vitamin D is great for the body but also means there are more hours in the day to enjoy watersports and beach time.. It is a well know fact that [...]

Demo Kit Sale

We are currently busy pricing up our demo gear. Once the list has been published you can put down a 50% deposit and then collect/pay the final balance of the items from 2XS® in last week of October. However we are selling off the inflatable SUP's and kayaks now - so please make contact on [...]

Weather News // Twister at the beach

An exciting weather occurrence happened at the weekend.... we witnessed a water spout forming up under a dark cloud at West Wittering Beach...  The National Geographic website has an interesting feature on water spouts here >> https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/waterspout/ Here are some photos of the water spout forming at our beach.