Downwind Foiling

Downwinding and downwind foilboards is the new foiling category worldwide – if you check out social media since the last couple of Molokai Crossing events in Hawaii – downwind SUP foiling has exploded across the globe.  The likes of Kai Lenny, James Casey and Dave Kalama are all at it. The new downwind boards have [...]

Duotone is Fanatic/Fanatic is Duotone….

The Boards & More Group – who own Fanatic, Ion, Duotone windsurfing & kiting – have decided to change the branding on Fanatic windsurfing, foils and wingfoiling boards all to Duotone for 2024 and going forward. For the Fanatic officinado’s this will be a bit of a surprise – those who owned the Ultra Cats, [...]

Paua 2XS Wing Foiling Travel Bags

We have been working with Paua over the last couple of years to develop a wing bag for 2XS, allowing you to transport your gear with ease through an airport and arrive without your wing board being smashed on arrival. The material, developed by a local guy and surfer named Pete Symms, is a patented [...]

Duotone Unit 2023 edition review

In September we went to Sicily with Nik Baker and Tim Frampton to test the latest Duotone Units, Dlabs and Slick SLS wings, Fanatic foils and foilboards.   Luckily for us we had 3 out of 4 days that were windy that gave us a chance to really test the gear in both flat water and [...]

Duotone Slick SLS Wing **NEW**

We were pretty excited to get our hands on the new 2022 Duotone Slick SLS – we have been massive fans of the boom driven Duotone wing since the launch of the Echo then the Slick in 2021.   Since Duotone launched the new Unit version 2 last year there has been alot of design work [...]

Testing The Duotone Unit 2022

The Duotone Unit is the new wing for 2022 that has been supercharged over the previous seasons Unit. What you notice straight away is the new kite style backpack type bag the Unit comes with is much easier to store, hang up and throw in the back of the car or van.  The new Unit [...]

Goya /Quatro 2022 NEW GEAR – Tarifa

Managed to sneak out to Tarifa with Andy Chambers last week to get a preview of the 2022 season Goya, Quatro and some of the new KT products.   Tarifa is where Goya/Quatro/KT/MFC have their European headquarters.  .Lalo Goya, Mateo, Alex, Guime and the rest of the Team showed us the new products and each evening [...]

Axis Foils

Axis Foils for Wingfoiling Axis have been building high quality foil equipment for kitesurfing and prone surfing for a while - over the last few seasons they have pioneered many of the new high aspect foil profiles which have been perfect for wingfoiling! The Axis foil range is extensive, allowing you to choose perfect options [...]