2013 WWWC Club Awards

We had our annual club awards this year at The lamb Inn on the road to West Wittering.

Jim who with his business partner took over the pub last December has done a great job there and he and his team looked after us extremely well.

Jeff played some top tunes on his guitar all evening and along with the great food we had a good evening.
The place was complete with loads of club members and legends of the 90’s Stu Holland, Jamie Hawkins as well Neal Gent and Jem Hall.

The Graham Strudwick Windsurfing award –was between Francis Goodwin and Danny Smith –Francis cliched the deal with his performance in force 9 at high tide last weekend.

The WWWC kitesurfing award – John Hamer, Mike Black and Simon Russell were nominated –Simon Russell was the the winner.

The Lisa Furlong Rippers trophy – always a hard one for us as we have some many good kids out in the water –Alex Mckirgan (2nd Am in Baja AWT tour); Jack Pettit (1st place NWF Hayling) and Jenna Pettit who has put a lot of effort into her windsurfing.

Jack Pettit clinched it for his improved windsurfing and really going for it in the surf!! ..

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