2019 2XS Club/tuition/tide brochures

2XS Club Brochure & Tuition Brochure

We have been busily updating our website with all the new courses dates for 2019. Have you thought of learning a new sport or progressing your existing skills? Why not give us a call to discuss the options (01243 513077)

Have you got your 2XS 2019 tide table?

If not, fill in your details below and we will send you a copy along with the club & tution brochure

Things to know about tides

To get the most out of your watersports trip to the beach

  • Tide – a tide is a movement of the water level caused by a variety of factors. The Moon, the Sun, and the Earth’s gravity are all combined in making the water level rise and fall. This affects how and when the water move, and also how much sand will be present on the beach at any given time.
  • Low tide – the lowest point the water level will reach when it starts falling
  • High tide – the highest point which the water level will reach on its way up
  • Rising tide – means the water level is going up
  • Falling tide – means the water level is going down

Let’s look at March 2019 in our latest tide table..

On the 6th March….

  • High tide will be at 11:39 in the morning, and the height of tide will be 4.6m. This is the only high tide this day
  • On this day kitesurfing would be possible until 09:39 in the morning, and then roughly anytime after 13:39 in the afternoon

As a general rule at West Wittering Beach there is no launching of kites 2hrs either side of high tide – launching only after tide is 1m seaward from the green cardinal marker on groyne 14, which is the first groyne to the right after the windsurfing club. See the Club Rules page for further info

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