2XS® Lockdown Pro Webinar with Nik Baker | Thursday 28th May @ 6.30pm

This week’s 2XS® Lockdown Pro webinar is with Nik Baker – we are going to be chatting about the new sport of Wing foiling!

Wing foiling is the latest new watersport craze – Kai Lenny is a genius at it (no shock there heh!) – it started pretty much in 2019 and is growing in popularity fast.

Nik Baker is an early addict on wing foiling with Duotone, Fanatic and Ion gear. Baker  has been out for nearly 12 months now – crashing, learning, figuring it out how it should be done.  Now he is ripping, riding waves, switch stance, riding small boards, jumping, back loops and smooth gybes.

Wing foiling is a technical sport – board size, body weight, front and back wing size, mast length, fuselage size, position on the board to mount the mast, and wing foil size.  There are plenty of variable’s.

Is wing foiling a kite without lines or more like a windsurf sail?  Should you use a wing foil with or without a boom?

We have Duotone Wings and Fanatic sky sup foil boards to test at 2XS® West wittering.

Ask Nik a question you send it in with your registration on the free webinar link below.  Don’t forget Nik Baker was Britain’s top pro windsurfer on the PWA World – he scored some big victories in Slalom, Wave and Indoor – plus he still is the only Brit to have won at the Aloha Classic @ Hookipa.  If you have any windsurf questions please ask them too.


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