Action Photos from 22nd June 2012

Another hard charging weekend started with a 40 knot Friday third one in a row used my 3.7 again in June .

Seems like we are getting some full on weather this summer and with maybe more coming next weekend.

Thanks for all the photos that are being sent in. This week Mark Rutherford, Craig Leroux, and Mark Perry’s GoPro took a sand blasting on the beach to get these great shots, and I also took a few of them.

If you have any decent photos or video, then please send them to me:

It was good to see so many people out – including a couple of Pros Andy bubble chambers &Timo who were going for some large moves.

And then Neal, Emile, Kyle, Justin were seen doing some nice stalled forwards. Other people I spotted were: Goodwin, Hatton, Da Perry’s, Mike Chesnut, & Westy…


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