BSUPA Level 2 Instructor Course

BSUPA Level 2 Instructor course – 2XS West Wittering – We had a great course with Rich, Matt, John, Darren from SWAC Southampton, Chris from the Army Sailing School Thorney Island, Darryl from HYNB Romford, and Mark from Mersea Island Watersports.

We had a epic course did a tour inside Chichester Harbour on the first day and had plenty of water time cover rescue skills, race training set up, race practice, starts, drafting and developing the team paddle skills. We also went through a lot of drills and scenarios and worked on coaching skills and group control. We worked through the whole BSUPA Level 2 plan which took a close look at BSUPA school operating procedures,SOP, EAP, and Risk assessments. We also went through the different tours options and tour experience.

All the crew passed with flying colours with BSUPA Joint HEAD Trainer Simon Bassett at 2XS –West Wittering Beach.

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