Extra windsurfing and kitesurfing course dates at West Wittering Windsurf Club

To celebrate this onset of wind, we have some additions to our course dates for October.

KIDS Courses
Watermans (Thursday after school kids’ course) 7th, 14th and 21st October, 4-5pm: £36 for all 3 sessions
This is the best after school club – an intro to windsurf, surf, powerkite and “Ocean Education” depending on the tides. We provide the best equipment so all you need to do is get here as soon as the bell rings!
(Age 7+)

Team 15 (Age 7-15 Windsurfing tuition) Sunday 3rd, 10th and 17th at 10.30-Midday: £12 per session
Team15 is a nationwide network of windsurfing clubs where young people (aged 15 and under) can get together every week to learn new windsurfing skills and have a laugh with their mates on the water. Since the same faces come back every week, it’s also a great opportunity to make new friends.
Saturday Surf Club (Saturday Morning kids’ course) 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd at 10-Midday: £25 per sessionSaturday surf club offers kids an into to windsurf, surf, powerkite and all things beach, depending on the tides and conditions. We provide the best equipment available. What better thing to do on a saturday morning?
(Age 7-12)
Rippers Carve and Tack Course (3 hour advanced windsurfing clinic) 19th, 27th, time TBC £75 per session
This is an advanced kids’ windsurfing course. We will break the carve gybe down into manageable chunks as well as looking at the basic tack and how to make it work well on a smaller board. All students must be able to plane comfortably in the harness.
(Age 7-16)
Rippers Intro to Waves Course (3 hour advanced windsurfing clinic) 22nd and 25th at times TBC £75 per session
This is designed for kids who want to take on waves for the first time in a safe way. We will look at launching and landing in the surf, how to control the board through the rough stuff and where and how to safely play in the waves. All students must be able to plane comfortably in the harness.
(Age 7-16)

Kite Improvers Courses 20th, 22nd and 23rd time TBC, £89 per sessionA course to assist you in getting on the board, riding both ways and staying upwind. This follows on from the learn to kitesurf course.
Other Courses
Chicks that RIP and SUP (Windsurfing / SUPing course for women) 13th Oct, Time TBC £89
This course is designed to take advantage of whatever the conditions throw at us. If there is wind, we will windsurf, paddlesurf if not. Both sports complement each other amazingly well and with both of them under you belt, it is hard to find time to do anything apart from being on the water!

Emile’s October Backloop Bonanza (THE clinic to get you around your backloops): The first backloopable day out of: 9th, 10th, 23rd or 24th at 9am ’til death or tears: £120 (the best £120 you have ever spent!)

Emile’s Backlooping Clinic is back! After a very successful course last year, I am looking for those who are thinking about rotations or have started going for them. If you are nailing your floaty jumps and are ready to step up to the next level with video coaching and the utmost personal attention, then this course is for you!

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