Fanatic and North 2011 Dealer trip to Mauritius

Simon Bassett was sent out to test some of the new 2011 Fanatic and North products at the Indian resort in La Mourne, Mauritius -a tough job but someone has to do it.

Nik Baker told me before we left that we have all the Fanatic SUPs, North kite gear and Fanatic windsurfing toys available to us to use every day. When we got there it seemed to get better than paradise island -the itinerary seemed pretty good – yoga with Kirsty Jones(until she damaged her leg kiting)- paddle surfing then windsurfing or kiting all day. Then drink as much beer and rum as you could, all on Baker’s tab.

The place is an awesome 15 square miles of warm flat water with side shore, port tack winds. The outer reef, Manawa which is pretty amazing is around 100 meters offshore – a smaller inner reef called “little reef “ which bends round and turns into a fast charging hollow barrel called One Eye.

Not only did we get some decent wind and swell, but we had some of the worlds top riders on hand, On the windsurf frontk, Marcillo Browne, “Brawzihno”, World No1 Victor Fernandez and Klass Voget who were testing new boards and busting the big moves on the water. Sebastian Wetzel the shaper from Fanatic was on hand with North sail designer Kai Hopf.
There was a good crowd of UK dealers out on the trip – Callumn Edge, recent 2010 BKSA kitesurfing course race champion was looking after the kite side of things with the usual suspects at the bar each evening: Jamie Dodds, Jane and Pete Stephens, Craig, Jordy, Bucky the fashion king, Dave, Little John, Rick, Lisa, Matt from the Gower and Mark, the rum lord from Whitstable .
I caught up with Simon Bornhoft who was on a coaching trip on the beach and Wittering regulars Rom and his wife who were enjoying the place.

If you’ve not been before then put Mauritius on the list – great place for kids other halfs and awesome on and off the water.

Pics by Simon Bassett / Jamie Dodds

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