Fanatic X Wingfoiling 2022

Fanatic Duotone have been at the leading edge with foil boards since the beginning of wingfoiling.  The Sky Solback designed Fanatic boards have been super popular and for the 22 season there are new sizes and a LTD lighter version available.

What the design difference seems to be for this season is volume distribution;  its more under your feet, foot strap positioning is more balanced and the shapes on the hull has been tuned up with the chimes on the rails removed;  narrower nose profile and cutaways on the tail removed.   The board’s feel lighter. All the fanatic wing board’s come with ¾ deck pad, leash plug, footstraps and balanced handles to make carrying your wing foil board with your foil an easier task.  There is some rolled vee in the hull and this combined with new a rocker line stops interrupted touch downs.  The overall length of the plan shape is reduced and more compact so it helps early planing and getting up on the foil.  Board construction epoxy carbon and a hand sanded finish.

The Fanatic Skywing smaller sizes 4.6 (35 Ltr )  and 4.7 (45 Ltr) can be used as wing or prone foil boards  whereas the rest of the line up are wingboard’s.  The Skywing sizes are as follows 4.8 (60 Ltr) 5.0 (75 ltr) 5.2 (85 ltr ) 5.4 (95 ltr) 5.6 (105ltr) ,5.8 (125 ltr ) , and 6.3 (140 ltr)

Fanatic also make the Skywing TE which is a full carbon pre preg layup, lighter, better for jumping less swing weight and looking around ¾ kg lighter than the standard model. It comes in a distinctive minty green colour and in sizes 4.8,5.0,5.2,5.4,5.6.

Fanatic have also developed an inflatable wing board called the Sky Air Premium – in two sizes 5.8 120 ltr and 5.4 100ltr . These boards are the perfect travel option and they pack down into a small travel bag;  complete with footstraps, pump and duotone wing adapter plus repair kit . The long carbon plate on the hull is an absolute winner they have been very popular for both travel and for using just as your regular wing foil board . The Fanatic Premium inflatable construction is very stiff as there are vertical and diagonal drop stitches which when pumped up to full pressure create a very stiff board.

At 2XS West Wittering we are a Fanatic X and Duotone Wingfoil Pro Centre; we have plenty of Fanatic Skywing board’s on demo in both TE and the standard constriction, plus the Fanatic Sky Air’s are available to test.

Fanatic have also re-developed their Foil range for 2022 season – the new version 3 Fanatic Aero High Aspect foil range.  The new foil system is a slightly different size so if you have the previous model fuse and mast they will not  interchange, however, the wings still fit the fuselage.  There are 4 front wing options 2000, 1750, 1500 and 1250 sq cm  The alloy fuse and mast is 20% lighter than 2021 edition and is a whole lot stiffer – they have also added some new lengths 60cm,75,82 and 90 cm.  They have improved the bolt sets by adding torx bolts on the mast to fuselag, ,the wings have a new carbon layup and they come with covers;   complete foils come in a a Fanatic padded bag.

Fanatic has also launched a carbon version of the mast and fuselage which is compatable with the High Aspect wing range this will now make it lighter and  feel different –  flex to carbon that feels good when you are out on the water . They have teamed up with Duotone who are combining their foils skill in developing this program, expect to see more front wing options coming through.  There will be two Fanatic /Duotone carbon foil set ups are team edition and standard carbon foil more details and cost will be on the 2XS website .

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