Gaastra / Tabou demo at West Wittering Windsurf Club 16th or 17th October

Gaastra / Tabou Demo at West Wittering Windsurf Club 16th or 17th October

Emile Kott (2XS / ex Boards Magazine tester) and Will Barratt will be at West Wittering Windsurf Club offering FREE DEMOS on the latest 2011 gear from Gaastra Sails and Tabou Boards with help from 2XS and X-Train.

This year, the Gaastra and Tabou ranges have been fully reworked and it is well worth heading to West Wittering to check out the gear and try it out on the water.
We will call the date of the demo as early as possible – we will go for the windier of the two days. We will announce the date on the Boards Forum and the 2XS Blog.
The following gear will be available for you to come and try:
The West Wittering launching fee will be waivered for anyone who wishes to try some gear, so not only will we have the latest gear for you to try, we will have it rigged and ready to go – and all you have to pay is the day’s Car Park charge of £5.
To find your way to West Wittering Windsurf Club, see Google Maps
If you are interested and intend to come to the demo, please fill out this form:

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