KING OF THE TRENCH 2018 – 20/21st October 2018 – UKWA National Title Freestyle Event


Club Vass and 2XS will be running this event alongside the Demo weekend. It will turn into a tow event if the wind is light. Sandy Clunas 2XS® Ollie Scott and the Club Vass Team will be here in force over the weekend to add this event to our demo weekend. To find out more about the freestyle event keep an eye out for a news story with all the details. We are expecting some of the UK’s hottest freestylers including Max Rowe, Jamie Howard, Nick Hibdige, Adam Simms, Andy Chambers, Ollie Townsend, Sam Green, Claire Elliot, Heidi Jabbari, and Sarah Jackson to attend so it will be a full on display of high performance windsurfing .

2XS® and Club VASS have come together to run an annual Freestyle event to show the UK best freestylers off in West Wittering’s Trench low tide flat water.  The butter flat conditions on the South Coast add to the explosive nature of windsurfing freestyle.

The two day event will be judged in a 4 buoy box – Completed moves with the most rad execution will get the highest scores.  If there is no wind tow freestyle will take over the event as a expression session.

The event fee will include a teeshirt. There is a £500 cash prize fund.

The expression session categories will include –(UKWA rules)

  • Pro men
  • Amateur
  • Ladies
  • Minim under 15
  • Junior under 17
  • Youth under 20
  • Master over 35
  • Veteran over 50

*Junior you must be under 17 at 31st December 2018  & Master must be over 35 at 31st December 2018

The event entry fee is £35 per person ……  You need to pay car parking each day £6.50 so bring along some change!  

*For 2018 as this is a UKWA National Title freestyle event and you need to be a full or temporary UKWA member for £10  – or you can  join the UKWA either as a full member. This has to be done before you enter. You can download an entry form here or visit the UKWA website here

There will also a be 2XS demo day running at the same time so it should be be a fun packed weekend .

Food will be 6.30pm onwards – The Old House at Home West Wittering -80s party starts 9.30 Old House at Home

The Event Director Ollie Scott/Sandy Clunas – Judging team – safety 2XS .

Sign in/registration will be at  9am on Saturday 20th October at West Wittering Windsurf Club .

01243 513077 any question contact

You will need to enter online before the event to secure your place. Simpy select the category you would like to enter, complete the checkout, and we will then send any further information needed for the event.


Number of Moves and Heat Duration

Set number of moves to count (number depending on conditions). For instance 3 moves per tack to count (there is no limit to the number of attempts you have).

Heat durations vary depending on conditions. For instance 6 minute heats with 2 minutes transition period (8 minute rolling stopwatch).

Flag system

Red Flag – 2 minutes until heat
Yellow Flag – 1 minute until heat
Green Flag – Heat is running. (1 minute before the heat finishes, Green flag comes down. Red flag goes up indicating the of the heat and 2 minutes until the next)
Red and white stripy flag – Break
Blue and white checkered flag – Heat cancelled 

Competition area

A box will be marked out using 4 buoys. If a move is performed outside of the area, it does not count. The size of the area will be decided on the day depending on conditions.


Each move is written on the score sheet after it is performed. The move can be given + or – de- pending on how well it is executed.
The + or – is as following: 

++ Landed perfectly with sick style / completely clean / planing + Landed clean and dry with style

Landed dry

– Landed with wet bum / slow ending – – Very wet 

The result is given on overall impression after reviewing the score sheets. The difficulty of the moves must be taken into account.

If the heat is too close to call, the scores can be worked out using the PWA move difficulty spread- sheet. If the move has + or – on it, the following points are added/ deducted:

++ = 2 points + = 1 point
– = -1point
– – = -2points 

For example:
Shaka +
Shaka scores 5.7 points for difficulty + = 1 point
5.7 + 1 = 6.7 points for the move 

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