*NEW* Ezzy 2012 Cheetah & Tiger Sails

Here a snapshot of what’s coming in January 2012 Ezzy has changed the Panther 3 to the new Ezzys Tiger 2012.

It has the same panel layout and shape as the Panther 2011 LTD  Click here to see the 2011 Ezzy Panther III

The Panther Ltd has been very well received with its new improved power range an- lighter handling and unique custom graphics.
The Ezzy Tiger has graphics and panel layout and new striking colours -see the pic of of Kevin Prichard smashing the lip at Hookipa Maui Hawaii.

The new Cheetah which is the replacement for the Ezzy Freeride. What you will get with the new sails is a reduction in overall sail weight as well as softer, lighter feel in your hands on the water without compromising the unusual strong and light wind performance you get from Ezzy sails.

We will be getting more details but this is all we have so far .

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