New Wave Toys from RRD

For 2011, RRD have released a fine selection of waveboards.
There are 2 styles of board, available in both quad fin and single fin constuctions.
The Wave Cult LTD is once again the more alround waveboard – 75, 83 or 92 litres (single or quad).
The Hardcore Wave is more of an out-and-out hardcore waveboard this year and best suited to advanced riders in strong winds and/or big waves. It is available in 68, 76 or 64 (single or quad).

We will very shortly have some demo boards at the beach. To come and try one, call 01243 513 077

Roberto Ricci:

The new Wave Cult V4 is a completely re-designed shape. Sharp, fast, instinctive and loose these boards will never let you down when the wind will be gusty or the waves will be mushy yet they will still excel in pumping conditions. The highly acclaimed wave cult has the widest range of use in the RRD wave board collection, whilst the single fin configuration allows you to maximize speed, grip and control from side off to onshore winds.

The shape features: Vee throughout most of the length and a slight double concave in the mid hull section to improve stability. A Max width point about 10 cms forward with a wider nose, which allows a very balanced and proportional outline and keeps a constant curve all the way to the very end of the board.

A full rail shape and generous tucked rails in the front allowed RRD to create fast yet turny wave boards that will be in perfect control in both rough waters or marginal conditions.

The sizes are 75 litres / 56cms, 83 / 58cm and 92 / 60cms, with MFC fins of 22, 23 and 24cms respectively

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