Should I stay or should I go? #stayhome

2XS CLUB – West Wittering’s position on going out: kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP, surf.

I am getting calls daily about going out on the water and here are our thoughts…

We have no intention of going against GOVT advice, travelling, keeping social distancing or creating issues for others while we are advised to stay at home. West Wittering Estate has closed the beach and while they are following GOVT guidelines -2XS Club beach site will have to remain closed. This also means our 2XS rescue service is no longer operational .

I think our advice while these GOVT instructions are the same; we would ask all 2XS members and locals to respect this decision and NOT to go out. Remember the frontline people on the NHS are risking everything to help others – if for some reason you get rescued/injured you put other people at risk who are needed to save lives.

From a moral point of view I don’t see this “stay at home” time as an enforced holiday but a time to respect the GOVT decision’s and people who are in the front line of health care – frankly I would not feel good at being out there enjoying myself while others are really suffering.

I think also if people go out, others will think this is ok and travel to beach’s to come out on the water .I think with SUP or Surf you could argue your inshore 50m from the shoreline but there is still the risk involved if you were to have a accident or need to be rescued .There may well be a very negative response to those out on the water from anyone who sees them .

I know the BKSA are about to announce don’t go out, BSUPA will follow, Chichester Harbour Master has said no to recreational boating, European countries beaches are closed locked, and with armed Police and serious fines are being dished out as a deterrent not to go out! I am not sure of the current RYA position – I am waiting to hear back from them.

I know why people want to go out and see this as their daily exercise option but there is more to this than being out on the ocean. After this winter water action I am sure we can all wait until the pandemic crisis becomes less critical.

And then we will get out on the water – I have added a gallery of photos of water action at West Wittering to keep you going!

Please take the advice .
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West Wittering Beach

One thought on “Should I stay or should I go? #stayhome

  1. Absolutely correct. We all need to be responsible. The web cam this Sunday morning shows a beautiful deserted sunny beach, and the wind is blowing. Frustrating.

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