Sun, SUP, and … Dolphins

We have just returned from a trip to Gibraltar where I ran a BSUPA level 2 instructor course for Tom Cawthorn (from In2adventures at Sandy Bay and from the joint service centre in Gib with Wayne Willets and Fido .

Not only is Gibraltar a good place to sup but we were inundated with marine life: Dolphins, Tuna and some flying fish. We had just completed a tour on the Mediterranean side of the rock and all of a sudden some guls started diving, the flying fish were all in the air, and then we spotted a pod of Dolphins and Tuna having a big feed. The dolphins were circling the SUPs and it was like being in middle of David Attenborough documentary. A pretty amazing experience.

I also ran a clinic for In2adventures team who are setting Gibraltar’s first SUP club and all are very much into paddle boarding. If you are heading down that way it’s worth looking up these guys up in Sandy Bay for rentals and lessons.


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