Tabou / Gaastra Demo this Saturday 16th October

The Tabou and Gaastra demo will go ahead this Saturday 16th October at West Wittering Windsurf Club.

There is a tonne of kit for you to come and try. The current forecast is for medium Northerly winds, so it should be enough to come down and test some brand new 2011 equipment….FOR FREE!

The following kit will be there for anyone to try out (there is no day launching fee for people trying this demo kit):


106 Tabou 3S Ltd
Tabou Da Cuvre Quad 85
Tabou Pocket 80 Tri Fin
Tabou Pocket 75 Tri Fin
Tabou Twister 100

Gaastra Manic H.D 4.2
Gaastra Manic 4.7
Gaastra Poison 4.7
Gaastra iQ 5.4
Gaastra Remedy 5.6

Hope to see you down there



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