TESTED // 2019 Quatro Carve SUP

I had the chance to test this board when I was in Tarifa recently and had couple of sessions on the board to get a feel of how the new Keith Taboul shaped Quatro works.

Picking up the board you’ll notice how light it is at 6.2 kg. The new shape is overall thinner; rails have been reduced in thickness, the deck is a flatter, the pad is ¾ length rather than just a tail pad and the nose is drawn in. It also looks like a flatter rocker line in the tail section. The board comes complete with a new MFC thruster set (although board is set up with a 5 x box Future fin option) and is complete with a new outline with a swallow tail.

The following day after a decent storm the wind dropped and I found  nice shoulder high sets with offshore winds down at Punta Paloma. The Quatro Carve  really came into its own – super fast on the wave, you could really feel the fins under your feet. I have to say I really enjoyed the ride and found very smooth carving on the wave face and stable on the paddle out. I felt you could go as vertical on wave as your technique allowed to make the top turn. I didn’t get to try in quad mode but will be using back in the UK so will test that option then!

I think this board’s upper limit on performance is down to your ability, and then choosing the right volume size for your ability and weight is important. But it will work well in the UK I think the new fast rocker line will help big time in getting into waves …

I weigh about 80 kg so the smallest board SUP option for me (on perfect day) is 100-105 ltrs, and a 110  ltr (for choppy and non perfect surf conditions).

I took the 8.0 -109 Quatro Carve out on the first in gusty choppy windy conditions day with smaller waist high sets. I found it very stable to paddle (it is 28.5” wide), the flat deck feels comfy under your feet and the narrower nose punches through any white water or breaking waves with ease. I found that in the smaller choppy sets I had to be in the right place to take off, but this pretty standard for a board of this size and type.

Sizes of the new Quatro Carve are:

  • 7’7 x 27 (93 ltrs)
  • 7’10 x 27.5 (99 ltrs)
  • 8’0 x 28.5 (109 ltrs)
  • 8’2 x 29 (120 ltrs)
  • 8’4 x 30 (130Ltrs)
  • 8’8 x 29 (140 Ltrs)

Price for the new Quatro Carve is £1695


Tested by Simon Bassett –pics Daisy Bassett

2 thoughts on “TESTED // 2019 Quatro Carve SUP

  1. Hi,
    I read your review on the Quatro Carve and have been thinking about buying one. Trying to research how this board holds up against normal use paddle hits against the rails. Does it get paint chips from that? I looked at the construction but their website does not say if they use paint or any protection on the rails from paint chips.

    Do you feel like it is a pretty strong board that is holding up well as far as construction?? Any problems in that area?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I have had one for about 6 months now, several sessions per week. Clear rail tape on edges. Whacked the sh*t out of it first few weeks while adjusting to lower volume than my previous board, with no real cosmetic effects. Seems very well built. Rides awesome as the review says.

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