TESTED : : Dakine T8 Windsurf Harness

Over the winter we have been testing the new Dakine T8 windsurfing harness and putting it through it’s paces.

Simon has been using Dakine harness’ for over 20 years, and really likes the design and feel of the new model. He has also been trialling the fixed bar harness from ION and carbon moulded type that Ride Engine offer, but still prefers the sliding hook that Dakine offer (the extra twist that the harness allows means your back doesn’t have to do so much work!). Dakine do also offer a fixed version for those who prefer the looked-in hook feel.

The build of the Dakine T8 windsurf harness is as you would expect:

  • high quality great stitching
  • good marine grade stainless parts and bar
  • new pad under the bar
  • and loads of memory foam and support from the re worked body of the harness.

On the water you barely realise you’re wearing the harness as the edges are soft and it doesn’t slide up your body. When wet, the harness grips your body with friction from the material inside, and that combines with the moulded waist and velcro straps for a secure fit. The size chart seems true. Simon fits a Large with a 33@ waist  (M=32″, XL=35/36″).

As for pricing its seems real good value at £169 against some other brands who are hitting £200 to £300 plus range.

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